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Lara Roxx Back Home And Safe In Canada

Perching on the edge of a bed in her ex-boyfriend's apartment above a used appliance shop on Papineau, native Montrealer Lara Roxx contemplates the possibility that the moment she became infected with HIV could become part of an upcoming porn movie.
"It's pretty creepy. I mean, are you going to sell the sex scene where Lara Roxx caught HIV? It's like you're only thinking about money. It's disgusting. Don't use it, I don't care if I signed the release, don't use it."
Throughout the interview, Roxx's cell phone rings a ludicrously loud funky tone. Her first call prompts her to grab a fat marker, which she uses to write down a list of homeless shelters welcoming the HIV-positive. Just weeks ago the 21-year-old Montrealer was spending the ample earnings of 15 locally-shot sex scenes. But on March 24, Roxx - a stage name that combines reference to Lara Croft and a taste for jewellery - was infected with HIV in Los Angeles by Darren James in a condom-free double anal scene in which she was simultaneously sodomized by James and Marc Anthony. Now she's homeless, broke and HIV-positive.
Roxx says she feels fine so far except for her nerves. "I have anxiety crises, I go through headaches and stomach pains when people argue with me," she says.
She says she has focused her life on starting a home for HIV-positive people. "Emotionally I've been doing my own therapy by planning a foundation. Talking about it helps me feel really good."
The Lara Roxx Foundation would welcome "people under 25 who are broke financially and emotionally, who are mentally stable and HIV-positive. If your family is rejecting you, it will be like the Ronald McDonald mansion, but for people who have HIV." Roxx also provides a wish list for her camp, which includes boating and horseback riding. She'd also live there.
Lured by lucre
Roxx started in the world of adult entertainment as a dancer in clubs like SuperSexe, where she'd earn "$400 or $500 a day." But the lure of more money beckoned. "I thought that the money I was making with 10 customers, I could make that with one guy." Her first film experience, on January 10, was with local producer Bruno B. "I was managing myself back then, and at first it went well. He was really nice, and we spoke for 45 minutes before he told me stuff like exactly how big his penis was. He had the condom but he came on my face, which was really disgusting. But I felt I had to get used to that if I was going to be in porn for two or three years."
Roxx found herself pulling in $2,000 for a few hours' work a week, and spending much of the loot on consumer goods. "I decorated my room and bought a lot of nice clothes, I bought CDs, a CD player - no, actually that was my father's gift - and these super Koss speakers. It's a real nice room now but I'm not allowed on that property because my mom kind of kicked me out with the assistance of the cops. If I go back there I could get arrested."
Initially Roxx says she had her mother's blessings to have hardcore sex on camera. "My mom doesn't approve of me being HIV-positive. But at the time, she thought that if you feel comfortable with what you're doing, it's okay. I wasn't comfortable but I thought I was, and I was convincing myself that I was. But I wasn't on drugs to have to do it. It was me talking to myself, like, ‘Come on, you can do it.'
"I felt that it was safe. I have a friend doing it and she has a baby and is still with her man and everything is going well for them. I thought everything would go well for me too."
Condom problems
Roxx hooked up with professional management when her ex-boyfriend, photographer Denis Lefebvre, introduced her to manager Daniel Perreault. "Perreault really convinced me that it wasn't worth it for him to represent me or for me to waste my time waiting on contracts if I insisted on doing condoms only."
At Perreault's home studio at Belanger and 26th Avenue in Rosemount, Roxx filmed her first-ever anal scene with Darren James on February 10. Roxx says she and producer Marc Anthony got along well. "He was being all friendly but James really didn't like me. I thought he was really ugly and I didn't want to do it with him. I'm attracted to black men but not Darren James, he's just not cute and he has an ugly face. We did the scene and it just got worse. I was trying to take my time to relax and feel safe about it and he was just trying to get it done, in and out."
Although Roxx filmed 15 scenes in 10 weeks, she felt she could earn more in Los Angeles, so after making her way down there she found that Marc Anthony wanted her for another film starring James. "I was like, ‘Oh my God, we worked together and [James] hated me and now we're going to have to work with each other again.' And then I was actually happy because I thought they were never going to hire me again."
Upon arriving on the set she was told that she'd have to do a double anal or else not get the scene. Her resistance was worn down fast. "I felt like I was doing something wrong, that they were the professionals and I was the rookie and I'm not supposed to be asking all these questions before the shoot. Maybe I'm just supposed to open my legs and that's all they want in this industry. That's one of the things I intend to change. I want to change it so the girl gets more respect than that."
Says her lawyer, Daniel Lighter: "She went to L.A. because it is supposedly the most professional and sophisticated place in the world for people to do this type of work. She left as a perfectly healthy girl and came back with a death sentence."
Lighter says there is no doubt that she got the infection from James, and that recent viral load tests have shown James has had the infection longer than her. He adds that he is considering legal action in California against "the actors, agents and corporations who shot or oversaw the shooting of the scene."
Domain name disputed
Several funds have been set up to help her and two other actresses - Jessica Dee and Miss Arroyo - who contracted HIV via James, but Roxx says she has not yet received a cent. She also complains that purportedly sympathetic porn industry managers have snatched up the rights to her Web site,, which she wants to use to as a tool to start her foundation. She says that in the days following the breaking of her story, millions went to the site only to be redirected to porn sites. The site now redirects - as she has requested - to an AIDS awareness site.
Later during the afternoon of our interview Roxx starts on a flurry of calls inquiring about any funds that may have been raised. She leaves messages. She's also hoping for some progress on incorporating a charitable foundation and begs generous souls to send cheques for The Lara Roxx Foundation to her lawyer at: Daniel Lighter In Trust, 500 Place d'Armes, Suite 2350, Montreal, H2Y 2W2.
At the end of a series of dead ends, Roxx finally gets a bit of bright news: her lawyer informs her that Entertainment Tonight will fly her to New York and pay her $3,500 (U.S.) to tape an interview. She's happy for the publicity. "I don't want to do what my mom would want, which is to hide and be sad and think bad ideas. I'd rather act. I want people to still talk about me because I want them to see that I'm doing something good in society."
Along with dreams of starting an HIV camp, Roxx - who says her physical intimacy since the moment she was infected entails a single hug - also wants to direct "horror-type films" and has a career in rap in view.
"I'd love to work with Dr. Dre and Timberlake," she says before opening up a notebook to rap an autobiographical number: "Do you think you are better than me?/I bet you are scared of my disease/You are stuck on HIV I see/You probably say Lara Roxx on TV, Lara Roxx on the rocks, you see/Only one person to be judging me, it's not you, you see, you've got problems just like me."

On Roxx in a hard place just read the "Post-porn plans" story [May 13]. Was it your intention to have people feel sorry for poor little Lara Roxx? Lara Roxx was once a stripper earning $400–$500 a day. Then she learned she could make more if she did the deed on film - up to $2,000 a week. To my understanding, if she hadn't contracted HIV, she would still be doing it - without condoms, might I add.
Making money, buying nice clothes, decorating her room and buying CDs while thinking nothing of it. Now she wants to raise AIDS awareness?! What was she doing last October when thousands of Canadians were walking in Ça Marche? Was she buying all her clothes every spring at the Farah Foundation designer sale? Has she ever heard of the Farah Foundation? Or any other AIDS awareness groups?
She wants to blame Darren James, who made the choice not to use a condom. For what? A few thousand dollars? There are so many people out there who are infected with HIV because they were in what they thought were trusting relationships, except their partners never told them they were HIV. Who deserve more sympathy than Lara Roxx. Unfortunately, they will never get it nor ask for it.
Those fags deserved it, right? Let's hope your story, Lara Roxx, sad as it is, gets through to many unfortunate little girls who want to be part of the porn industry. It doesn't pay! In any case, good luck and God bless you.
» HIV and Pissed

On the Roxx
How a local aspiring porn starlet met disaster
Montrealer Lara Roxx wasn't a household name unless your house was extremely conversant with porn stars from such lesser-known Web sites as Hand Job Auditions. And, until a few weeks ago, few outside her circle of friends knew the dark-haired porn actress, whose tragic journey would lead some to predict the end of pornography as we know it.
Prior to her brief career having sex in front of cameras, Roxx danced in local strip clubs where she met a porn photographer, whom she dated for a year and a half. After working as an escort, Roxx, with help from manager Daniel Perreault, devoted herself to the full-time pursuit of becoming a porn actress in early January 2004. Dugmor, a well-known local porn-site promoter immediately recognizable for his combination of Asian ancestry and wild dreadlocks, shot her for his sites Throat Jobs ( and Hand Job Auditions (
Lara Roxx shot her first unprotected anal sex scene with Darren James, the man who later allegedly gave her HIV, here in Montreal on February 10. "I thought he was old and ugly," she told Mark Kernes, senior editor of, who interviewed her immediately after she learned of her test results. James and Roxx subsequently tested negative for HIV.
New to anal
Anal sex wasn't supposed to be part of her act. Just weeks before, Roxx apparently told Perreault she wouldn't shoot such scenes. "I told him I wasn't interested in anal at all and I was a little freaky about the no-condom thing too. I've been educated about STDs since Grade 3. I told him what I was ready to do and he told me he wasn't ready to represent me under those conditions," Kernes quotes her as saying.
Perreault, however, portrays himself as Roxx's protector and claims that he discouraged her from taking the fateful trip to Los Angeles where she would apparently become infected with HIV. "I told her not to go because she wasn't ready, it was all still relatively new for her," Perreault tells the Mirror.
Roxx, citing a need for cash, opted to go to Los Angeles where she hooked up for round two with Darren James and Marc Anthony, who had been shooting sex films in Brazil. At a press conference, Marc Anthony estimated that James had sex with at least 10 to 15 women while in Brazil, and he had no idea that James had returned to L.A. with HIV. He, Roxx and Anthony filmed a double-penetration scene March 24.
"When I got there, me and Marc had a little conversation," Roxx told Kernes. "Marc Anthony tells me it's a d.a., which stands for double anal. And I'm like, ‘What? I've never done a double anal.' And he's like, ‘Well, that's what we need. It's either that or nothing.'"
Adverse to condoms
Judy Star and Patricia Petite, two other Montreal-based performers managed by Perreault, were also exposed to the bug by the duo. The Journal de Montréal reported that Star remains HIV-negative. Petite's status is unconfirmed and, at presstime, no official announcement has been made.
"Nobody in the industry could predict such a thing. That's why as agents and producers, we'll try to put rules into place to avoid another crisis like this," says Perreault, who dislikes the idea of enforced condom use. "It could be an option but [so could] more rigorous testing and quarantine for persons who travel to places like Brazil, where the HIV rates are very, very high and health standards are lower and people buy fake test results for $10."
In an e-mail to the Mirror, Kernes doubts that Roxx fully recognizes the tragedy of her plight. "I don't think the full import of her status has sunk in yet. I think many young folks, especially in the porn business, tend to think of themselves as immortal when faced with life-threatening situations like HIV."
A fund for Roxx and others stricken with HIV has been set up by Jenna Jameson. For more info, see

One afternoon last week I was surfing porn in a Laval café.
Sitting with me was Lara Roxx. We were trying to figure out if she was in the movie Split That Booty 2.
Neither of us had seen the original Split That Booty. I'm sure it wasn't a fish-out-of-water story starring Ray Liotta and Helen Mirren.
Lara was curious if she was in the sequel, because it was while shooting that film that she contracted the HIV virus.
There in big letters beneath the crouching girl with the white hotpants is written LARA COX, the less-than-Flintstonesque alternate name for the 22-year-old.
You'll recall how the news of her infection shook up the world of porn last year. California legislators promised to force condoms onto all actors, before quickly abandoning the idea.
Lara has since been hanging around in deepest Laval, watching TV.
I'd wager that Lara has the loudest ring tone on the planet. The cellular subwoofer is surely draining her battery. Before the phone went dead she got a call from some porn star in L.A. informing her of six starlet acquaintances recently sidelined for 10 days with "the clam." Chlamydia.
"I have friends from down there who aren't in porn, you know," she tells me. "I make friends easily."
Lara doesn't seem to ever say anything bad about anybody else, although she'd be well within her rights to do so.
On one discussion site for pornographers, several posters make vitriolic, mega-mean-spirited put-downs of Roxx.
On a local discussion forum, rumours fly about her re-entering the sex trade. She has no such intention. But it wouldn't necessarily be illegal if she did. Thus far under Canadian law, only HIV-positive people who have knowingly had unprotected sex without informing their partner have been convicted of criminal charges.
In spite of her name appearing on the Split That Booty 2 box, Lara's photo was nowhere.
Eventually we gave up as she checked her e-mail and an HIV-positive dating site, where her profile reads, "Who's afraid of a porn star?" I encouraged her to write back a 37-year-old in Edmonton. She considered him too old but wrote back anyway.
I rang up Luke Ford, the porn journalist from L.A., to ask if I was being too dainty in thinking it ghoulish to market a film of somebody contracting a deadly disease. The Australian-born Ford is a bit of a celebrity eccentric. He reports on porn scandals while struggling to practice his adopted Jewish faith.
Ford's answer was surprisingly cold. "I don't consider it any more heinous than selling other porn. She signed a contract for the rights of the scene no matter the consequences. It's just like you could still see a ballplayer breaking a leg or spine or getting killed in the performance of his sport. I don't see much of a difference between selling a video wherein somebody contracts a deadly disease to selling a video wherein you see somebody's soul die."
Ford says that he's noticed something "dying within" porn starlets after a while. "The more I see, the more I've become hardened and negative in my views. At first I thought it was just consenting adults doing risqué things. Now I see it as more damaging."
He notes that Brooke Ashley caught HIV in The World's Biggest Anal Gangbang, which was available for all to see. "I don't know a single instance where a producer has been smitten by conscience," Ford says.
Eventually I got somebody on the phone at TT Boy Productions, the company that made the movie. He refused to provide his name but reassured me that Lara had been cut out of the film.
Lara trudges on. She's slated to start a job for $11 an hour downtown as a customer service rep. She sometimes sweats at night and wonders why.
She's still determined to start a foundation to help others stricken with HIV and encourages others to help, which they can do by e-mailing
"The money will go to people that are HIV positive and all alone," she says.


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