Tuesday, April 21, 2009

5 Great Photo's

These are too good to sit on. I'll share them with you now. Might use 'em later too! I love Paris Brady! More on Paris in the near future.

In Case You Missed It!

While in the process of killing over a million people in Iraq, the tribe gathered around the firebox know as the tv to witness a grand spectacle called the superbowl. Halftime comes and Janet Jackson has a wardrobe malfunction during her routine and exposes a pasty covered nipple and the whole country went apeshit because of the pornographic microwave abuse broadcast at the nation by CBS tv. In case you missed it, here it is again. It lasted 1.5 seconds and if you got up to get another beer and missed it..., here it is again. So here is the psychology I don't get: It's okay to kill hundreds of thousands of people but we go into a pathetic moral meltdown when exposed to a womans' breast. I don't get it.

Poor Justin.


Crackalaka uses so much coke, they have a container ship come to England every month directly from Columbia to resupply her. This is my favorite picture of Amy in concert. Too fucking bad she is so strung out that the US won't even let her into the country! Not to say 26 million illegals are here anyway, wink-wink! Maybe she should try a border crossing in Texas or Arizona. She will be a gone before too long.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Visually Stunning!

These Pictures say it all-ENJOY

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Bush Economic Miracle - A Debacle!

While Bush was banging Condi, Laura stayed in the Watergate Hotel watching Inside Edition to keep up with the latest. The Bush economic miracle is one for the ages. Robin Hood in reverse - steal from the poor to give to the rich..., and it worked! There are more people in the upper 2% income bracket - while the chasm between them and the poor has grown even wider. This is known as the Bush economic miracle! In 1995, Senator Phil Gramm of Texas, chair of the Senate Banking committee claimed the SEC was too intrusive! So Republican leaders sponsored an SEC protection act that would shield outlaw brokerage houses and investment houses as invulnerable to cheated clients. Tell that to Bernie Madoffs clientel! The financial implosion of 2008-2009 is the direct result of the Republicans catering to the ultra rich, their true base. This financial implosion is an economic 9/11 designed to plunder the treasury and loot the banks quite literally. The Bastards!

Death Becomes US

Millions dead in Iraq, Israel strafes Gaza with US supplied military hardware and yet we continue to not want to know. Death Becomes us. While watching Oprah the fat high priestess of crack and Dr. Phil the Lord of psychobabble we reach for our Frito's and diet Pepsi and let out a loud belch.
Millions in Africa subject to poverty, disease and famine. Death becomes us. Chinese slaves wonder where their next bowl of rice and fish head soup is coming from. Death becomes us. The Pope tells Africans that using condoms will increase the spread of AIDS. Ignorance disguised as religion. Death becomes us. Death becomes us. Swirling the planet is death.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wall Street Carnivores In A Feeding Frenzy!

The carnivores of Wall Street and the Superbankers are feasting on all of the carcasses left behind by the financial 911 Bush and his fat cat friends created and caused. As far as I'm concerned, Bush is personally responsible for the WTC attacks. We are expected to believe 16 dipshit Arab rugpilots with boxcutters pulled off 911?! This smacks of a high level intelligence operation with plenty of foreknowledge. You cannot keep such a big event compartmentalized forever. Where the fuck were the fighter jets? Why the fuck didn't the pilots fly Mach 2 to get on station? Who the fuck were their Commanders and why were they promoted afterwards? Why did the 911 Commission ignore critical evidence!? Why were the black boxes never recovered yet a passport from one of the supposed hijackers was found intact in the rubble!? And finally, why the fuck did WTC 1,2+7 collapse to the ground at free fall speed literally vaporizing the entire structures!? Jet fuel! That's a good one!
When we were paying 5$ a gallon for gas, Mobile oil made record profits of roughly 45 billion! People were taking their shit to the pawn shop so they could get a few gallons of petrol and the company made billions!