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Insiders-All THE BASTARDS!

USGIC domestic covert operations do not come from nothing. They have a history, and Lee Hamilton has a history of covering them up. To be brief, and regrettably cryptic through summary: the 1980s were rocked by a series of gargantuan scandals about activities whose underlying purpose was in part the consolidation of power by the factions responsible for 911. These included: 1) October Surprise, the secret deal cut between the Bush-Reagan team to have the Ayatollah hold the Iranian Embassy hostages until after the November 1980 election, to assure a Bush-Reagan victory over Carter, in return for US arms delivered to Iran via Israel. Principals directly involved included George Casey, Donald Gregg, and George H. W. Bush; 2) Inslaw, the theft by the USGIC of William Hamilton’s PROMIS software, and its enormously profitable privatization by Bush41 cronies, to facilitate world-wide economic spying on competitive and allied countries. PROMIS and its successors also serves as the software foundation for the data integration of the growing police state, Poindexter’s TIA, and its privatized versions in Florida using the Matrix software provided by Seisint, a company founded after 911by Hank Asher and since sold to Lexis-Nexis for $750,000,000. Asher also founded DBT (Database Technologies), the company that rigged the 2000 presidential election for Jeb Bush in Florida on behalf of his brother by scrubbing eligible Democratic voters from the voter rolls. Hank Asher by his own admission spent the early 1980s flying cocaine and marijuana to and from South American but dismissed this major felony as due to “a hunger for adventure” and remarked of it “I didn't feel like I had done a crime.” The only persons I know of who do not feel that their participation in international drug running is a crime are CIA sponsored and protected drug-runners. 13 3) The Savings & Loan scandal, a deliberate scheme to de-regulate the thrifts so that the CIA, the Mafia and their friends in high places could buy up such institutions, commit gross fraud free from government regulation, and pass on the nearly trillion dollar costs to the taxpayer. 14 4) Bank of Commerce and Credit International (BCCI), a CIA/military controlled bank that channeled S&L lucre as well as laundered drug and arms profits into covert operations throughout the world. 5) Iran-Contra, a keystone in the destruction of the Congress as an autonomous political body. The Secret Government, in which Bush41 played a major direct operational role during Iran-Contra, deliberately and flagrantly ignoring both versions of the Boland Amendment in funding the Contras by setting up secret training sites for the Contras in the United States and in Mexico outside the regular chain of military command. These sites trained privatized armies for covert military and para-military actions that were outside regular command structure but that had access to support and supplies from the US military, i.e., a privatized off-books department of covert operations. Financing was through CIA drug running, and the sale of illegal arms often obtained from military storehouses though such figures as Generals John K. Singlaub and Richard Second. Dick Cheney (ranking House Republican in Iran-Contra) played a key role working directly with Lee Hamilton (who chaired the Iran-Contra panel) to make certain that Bush41 did not have to testify before Congress, and was rewarded accordingly. (The “Iran” part of the scandal was a separate operation that was put into the mix to confuse the public by pretending that a patriotic motive of freeing the Lebanon hostages was involved; it wasn’t.) And, most importantly, recall that just before Bush41 left office, he issued a Christmas Eve blanket pardon to all his Iran-Contra co-conspirators, on the grounds of their “patriotism,” whose upcoming trials threatened to expose Bush’s central role in the operation. 15

Lee Hamilton played key roles in covering up two of these inter-connected scandals, October Surprise and Iran-Contra. Defrauding America provides an excellent account of Hamilton’s role in the October Surprise Committee, which he chaired, links particular players amongst all these scandals, and documents in detail Hamilton’s refusal to allow relevant testimony from whistle-blower CIA operatives, and concluded that October Surprise never occurred. As summarized by FAA whistle-blower Rodney Stich, whose offer to facilitate testimony of eyewitness participants in Iran-Contra was refused despite a long personal letter to Lee Hamilton detailing the evidence:

In July 1992, the Hamilton committee released an interim report stating there was no evidence that Bush was in Paris [to clinch the October Surprise deal] or that there was any support for the October Surprise charges. The Hamilton Committee didn’t obtain testimony of any of the parties willing to testify that would prove the existence of the scheme and Bush’s presence at the Paris meetings. 16

Though short on specifics, Michael Ruppert writes of Hamilton’s role in Iran-Contra:

Iran-Contra was effectively “managed” by Lee Hamilton in the House and John Kerry (among others) in the Senate throughout the late 1980s to conceal the greatest crimes of the era, crimes committed by a litany of well-known government operations. At the time, Hamilton was the Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Ruppert quotes famed investigative reporter Sarah McClendon regarding October Surprise:

Congressman Hyde elicited and obtained a promise from Chairman Lee Hamilton, D., Ind. Of the House Task Force on October Surprise, that the group would clear President Bush of going to Paris to cinch a deal of weapons for Iran in exchange for retaining American hostages to be delivered to President Ronald Reagan and not to outgoing President Carter. …Hamilton held a press conference to clear Bush before the investigation into the deal between the Reagan-Bush candidates for presidential office and the Iranians had even started. Hamilton then admitted he had not interrogated witnesses or talked with his special attorney hired to investigate the matter.

Perhaps the best line, though short, is that Hamilton declared himself “satisfied” with the testimony of Lt. Colonel Oliver North in the Iran-Contra hearings. 17

Where were the Boeing 757's 7,294 pound engines?

The Navy Command Center was the Target of the Attack

“The US Authorities have tried to make believe that the damage caused to the Pentagon, on September 11, 2001 was caused by the crash of a hijacked Boeing airliner on the building. This lie was meant to hide the fact that a bombing attack was in fact carried out by a group of people who had authorized access to the Pentagon and that the target was not the Departement of Defense in general but the new Navy Command Center.”

Anymonous Why might someone want to target the Naval Command Center (NCC)?

Most people know of the NORAD “all seeing” defensive network, with radar and satellite capabilities. But in their shadow, the NCC also was a very formable command and control facility, with some overlapping capacities. The site of the attack occurred on the first floor at the Naval Command Center portion of the Pentagon. The facility was a powerhouse of information gathering, command and control, and systems for monitoring “all warfare mission areas.”

Starting in 1996 the Navy was implementing an upgrade; The Tactical Command System (TCS) upgrades the Navy’s Command Control, Computer and Intelligence (C3I) systems and processes C3I information for all warfare mission areas including planning, direction and reconstruction of missions for peacetime, wartime and times of crises. Included among these C3I systems are: the unified command centers of CINCPAC and CINCLANT, the Navy Command Center…[i] [Emphasis added]

The only U.S. Navy Command Center survivor, Lieutenant Kevin Shaeffer, claimed: “Had the Command Center not been destroyed it surely would have been able to provide the highest levels of our Navy leadership with updates as to exactly what was occurring.”[ii]

If someone wanted to silence any evidence or witnesses that had privy knowledge of what happened on 9/11 — there were two choices; either they were with the perpetrators and cooperated, or they weren’t and had to be destroyed. This might have made the NCC a prime target if the Navy wasn’t in on the neocon’s Attack on America. However, there is no evidence that the Navy was directly involved.

The Office of Naval Intelligence had its offices in the Naval Command Center.

A theory proposed by Tom Wilson may have deep roots in the Pentagon, and involves Israeli espionage. The Office of Naval Intelligence may have had incriminating evidence on Israeli espionage. When Pollard’s activities were exposed — he was convicted of spying for Israel from 1984 through 1985. The following individuals were suspected by then-Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger’s office of the general counsel of being co-conspirators:

Douglas Feith – worked at the Pentagon from March 1984 to September 1986 as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Negotiations Policy.

John Lehman – worked at the Pentagon as the Secretary of the Navy from 1981 to 1987.

Richard Perle – worked at the Pentagon as Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy from 1981 to 1987.

Paul Wolfowitz – worked at the State Department as Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs from 1982 to 1986.

The “spy ring” returns…

Pollard obtained classified material from his workplace in Suitland, Maryland, just a few miles from Washington DC. Furthermore, like Pollard — Perle also has passed secrets to Israel. In 1970, Perle was caught by the FBI passing secrets to the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC.[iii]

When George W. Bush became President, he appointed these conspirators to high-level Pentagon jobs (makes you wonder, who is Bush’s real master).

Feith – was appointed Under Secretary of Defense for Policy.

John Lehman – worked on the 9/11 Commission (setup by the Bush Administration).

Perle – was appointed Chairman of the Defense Policy Board.

Wolfowitz – was appointed Deputy Secretary of Defense.

Mike Vreeland of Office of Naval Intelligence, stated that:

Certain government officials — politicians, brass, and high ranking military — have 11th Amendment privileges and can’t be sued. Another government agency has to go investigate activities connected to weapons smuggling, organized crime, and drug trafficking. They use their power to break laws, and we’re not allowed to investigate them. Thus certain parts of the U.S. government designed an entity called Unofficial Intelligence Investigation Division (UID). It was designed by Adm. Jeremy Michael Boorda, who allegedly committed suicide. Boorda put this together prior to becoming CNO [Chief of Naval Operations]. He was not a bad guy.25

It appears the Navy was trying to keep “tabs of” illegal spying activities, in an attempt to control it, and some didn’t like that!

Were Navy veterans recruited to participate in an exercise on 9/11?

Each of the following individuals on Flight 77 had been in the Navy:

Charles Burlingame III – pilot, had once worked at the Naval Command Center in the Pentagon.

David Charlebois – Copilot, Navy.

William Caswell – one of the Navy’s top scientists.

Charles Droz III – Lieutenant Commander, United States Navy and Vice President for software development, EM Solutions Inc.

Wilson “Bud” Flagg – retired admiral (Involved in “Tailhook”).

Bryan Jack – worked for the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

[Bryan Jack was involved with economics and budgeting. There was soon to be a massive fraud in the Pentagon, prompting neocon comptroller and Jewish Rabbi Dov Zakheim to quit. Did he know about this? It is possible that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld recruited Mr. Jack to participate in this exercise.]

John Sammartino – former worker at Naval Research Lab.

John Yamnicky – consultant and ex-test pilot.

Vicki Yancey – former naval electronics technician.

And while not in the Navy,

Barbara Olson – was a devote right-winger and wife of Ted Olson, who was Jonathan Pollard’s former attorney! It is certainly possible that Ted Olson recruited his third wife to participate in this conspiracy. Did Ted Olson want to destroy the incriminating records of his ‘clients’?

If the perpetrators were going to attack the World Trade Center towers, then they would have to attack the Navy Command Center as well. Since those inside the NCC were following all the events unfolding on 9/11.

Chilling GRU reports circulating in the Kremlin today are stating that American Forces loyal to President Obama who are currently interrogating members of a CIA-al Qaeda terrorist cell apprehended this weekend [see our previous report Obama Warned By CIA, “Surrender Or Join Kennedy”] have uncovered evidence that a “series” of what are called “dirty bombs” containing radioactive materials may be set to explode all across the United States during the coming week.

According to these reports, upon searching the computers of these CIA-al Qaeda terrorists a “substantial link” was found linking these rogue forces with the Nazi terrorist, James G. Cummings, whose plot to detonate dirty bombs in Washington D.C. during the inauguration of President Obama was thwarted after his assassination by his wife, Amber Cummings, who according to her FSB file is one of a number of US Naval Intelligence “controlled” wives and husbands put into place to monitor what are called the “Children of Hitler” and who are the offspring of one of the most insidious eugenics experiments ever devised by American and German Nazi forces after World War II.

Of this Nazi plot against Obama we can further read as reported by Western news sources:

“James G. Cummings, a neo-Nazi who was shot to death by his wife last December, possessed a cache of radioactive materials suitable for building a “dirty bomb,” according to a leaked FBI intelligence report. A dirty bomb uses conventional explosives to disperse radioactive and other harmful materials over a large area.

During a search of the Belfast, Maine, house where Cummings lived with his wife, Amber, investigators reportedly discovered instructions for making a dirty bomb, along with four 1-gallon containers filled with a mix of uranium and thorium, both of which are radioactive, along with highly toxic beryllium powder. The containers also held a hydrogen peroxide-based solution needed for making peroxide-based explosives, along with lithium metal, thermite, magnesium ribbon, black iron oxide and other substances that are used to amplify the effects of homemade explosives.

According to the FBI report, which was originally posted online by WikiLeaks, an organization that posts leaked documents, police also found a National Socialist Movement membership application filled out by Cummings. The NSM currently is the largest neo-Nazi organization in the country, with 69 chapters in 30 states.”

Most important to note about James G. Cummings is that he was financed in his terrorist plot by the trust fund established by his father, James B. Cummings a prominent landowner in the Northern California city of Fort Bragg and reported to have an income of over $10 million a year.

Important to note about James B. Cummings is that the source of his wealth was from his association with his Fort Bragg, California business partner Cornelius Vander Starr [photo 3rd left] whom he served with during World War II in the secretive Office of Strategic Services (OSS), which later became the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and was responsible for the Nazification of the United States through their Operation Paperclip which brought to America the German Nazi Regimes most prominent scientists in order for them being able to continue their monstrous experiments.

Cornelius Vander Starr, though not known to the majority of the American people, and his partner, James B. Cummings, founded in 1919 the American Asiatic Underwriters insurance company in Shanghai, China financed by that Asian Nations vast opium trade, but when forced to leave in early 1949 after Mao Zedong led the advance of the Communist People's Liberation Army on Shanghai moved their operations to New York City where they changed their name to the American International Group, Inc. Otherwise known by its infamous title of AIG and whose failure this past year collapsed the entire banking system of the Western World.

Russian FSB/KGB files on AIG state that this financial monolith has long been the “main conduit” of funds to those factions backing the Nazification of the United States who are “virulently” opposed to Obama and through Cornelius Vander Starr’s nephew, Kenneth Starr, besieged the former US President William Clinton with countless investigations that caused Clinton’s wife, and current US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to state in 1998 that her husband was under attack by a “vast right-wing conspiracy” whose origins can be traced to the Business Plot Coup these American Nazi fascists had intended to bring down the government of President Franklin Roosevelt.

For the greatest understanding of the Nazi fascist plots to overthrow Obama one has to fully understand the monstrosity of the Eugenics Movement and its stranglehold over this American right-wing factions that was first advocated by their President Woodrow Wilson and supported by their top capitalist leaders, including Alexander Graham Bell and the maternal grandfather of Cornelius Vander Starr, David Starr Jordan, who is considered one of the “fathers” of the eugenics movement in the US.

The acceleration of these Nazi fascists’ plans for the destruction of the United States that would lead their New World Order based upon American-European hegemony over the entire Earth occurred immediately after World War II with the “blending” of the US-Nazi German experiments to “create” their “master race” of obedient slaves and “unaccountable” assassins such as James G. Cummings, who have for the past 60 years terrorized that Nation with countless assassinations and “suiciding” of all who have dared to oppose them.

These assassins, however, have not gone unopposed as America’s oldest (and which Russian experts say is the most powerful US secret service) the United States Naval Intelligence Service, has long battled these Nazi fascist monsters and have succeeded in destroying the 3 US President’s (Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford) they blamed for the murder of “their” President, John F. Kennedy they had placed in power to destroy the CIA.

In the destruction of Johnson, the US Naval Intelligence Service created what Soviet KGB files say was a “counter-revolutionary” force consisting of various anti-war groups that forced Johnson out of office due to massive protests against his leadership and which included the Weather Underground whose main founder, William “Bill” Ayers, still heads this “network” which was instrumental in placing Obama in office. [Note: Especially enraging the US Naval Intelligence Service against Johnson, aside from his complicity in the assassination of Kennedy, was his, Johnson’s “approving” the destruction of the USS Liberty during the 1967 Israeli War.]

In the destruction of Nixon, who the US Navy also blamed for the assassination of Kennedy, the US Naval Intelligence Service utilized one of their top agents, Robert “Bob” Woodward, who they “reassigned” from his US Naval posting aboard the U.S.S. Wright (called the “Floating Pentagon”) to the Washington Post Newspaper where his reports on the Watergate Incident led to Nixon being the first American President to resign from office.

In the destruction of Ford, blamed by the US Navy for the cover-up of Kennedy’s assassination by his being a member of the white-wash Warren Commission, the US Naval Intelligence Service attempted through their “counter-revolutionary” force to have him assassinated, but in failing in those attempts overthrew him by placing President Carter, and former US Naval Intelligence Officer, in power. [Note: Prior to his death, Ford admitted that the Warren Commission report was “fictionalized”.]

To the current warfare ongoing between these factions in the United States it is important to note that prior to the Nazi fascist Bush regime launching their crackdown against the US Naval Intelligence Service they destroyed their main communication center and vast computer files with a cruise missile attack upon their offices in the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, but which Russian Intelligence Analysts say they have “reconstituted” as evidenced by their being able to place yet another of their “operatives” in the US Presidency.


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A former top federal drug agent in Miami pleaded not guilty Friday to charges he ordered the shredding of thousands of documents belonging to billionaire banker Allen Stanford.

U.S. District Judge William Zloch scheduled a trial after January for Tom Raffanello, the former head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration's Miami office who later became the security chief for Stanford's banking empire.

Raffanello, 61, was indicted last week on charges of conspiracy and obstruction of justice for ordering the destruction of thousands of pages of company records -- in violation of a judge's order -- after regulators shut down Stanford's banking network in February.

Raffanello has denied wrongdoing and said the records -- which consist of sensitive background checks on employees and internal security responses -- were merely duplicates of existing computer records.

``He spent 30 years of his life fighting crime, and this case is a slap in the face of everything he ever stood for,'' said attorney Richard Sharpstein, who is representing Raffanello with defense lawyer Kendall Coffey.

The defense lawyers also complained to the judge that prosecutors are forcing them to sift through some four million computer records to find the information directly related to the case against Raffanello. But prosecutors said the data is easy to search.

``It's in no way an ambush or a data dump,'' said Matthew Klecka, a U.S. Justice Deparment attorney.

In addition to the records, The defense team is fighting to get access to a computer server seized when government agents raided the Stanford security office near Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

Prosecutors said the data, which belongs to the court receiver for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, will be turned over to the defense team.

Stanford, 59, who is in jail in Houston, was appointed a public defender earlier this week by the judge overseeing his criminal case.

http://www.miamiherald.com/news/breaking-news/story/1239957.html Former U.S. anti-drug official's arrest 'a complete shock' - latimes.com




Former U.S. anti-drug official's arrest 'a complete shock'

Federal investigators say he served as a secret ally of traffickers while he was posted in Guadalajara.

By Sebastian Rotella

September 17, 2009

Reporting from Washington

As a high-ranking U.S. anti-drug official, Richard Padilla Cramer held front-line posts in the war on Mexico's murderous cartels. He led an office of two dozen agents in Arizona and was the attache for Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Guadalajara.

While in Mexico, however, Cramer also served as a secret ally of drug lords, according to federal investigators.

Cramer allegedly advised traffickers on law enforcement tactics and pulled secret files to help them identify turncoats. He charged $2,000 for a Drug Enforcement Administration document that was sent to a suspect in Miami by e-mail in August, authorities said.

"Cramer was responsible for advising the [drug traffickers] how U.S. law enforcement works with warrants and record checks as well as how DEA conducts investigations to include 'flipping subjects,' " or recruiting informants, a criminal complaint says.

DEA agents arrested him at his Arizona home Sept. 4. A spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney in Miami said Wednesday that she could not comment but said that cases begun with complaints usually go before grand juries. A decision on an indictment in Miami is expected soon, according to a federal official who requested anonymity because the investigation was ongoing.

Cramer's duties as the ICE attache in Guadalajara included serving as a liaison with Mexican police. But the investigation revealed that he worked for "a very high-level drug lord," the federal official said. In a dark twist on the trend of former federal officials going into private consulting, the 26-year government veteran became a full-time advisor to traffickers after retiring from ICE in January 2007, the complaint says.

A trafficker "convinced Cramer to retire . . . and begin working directly for [him] in drug trafficking and money laundering," the complaint said. Cramer continued to sell secret documents that he obtained from active U.S. agents, an aspect of the case still under investigation, the official said.

The charges underscore the corruptive might of the cartels, which have bought off Mexican politicians, police chiefs and military commandos. Drug lords have corrupted U.S. border inspectors and agents to help smuggle cocaine north. In 2006, the FBI chief in El Paso was convicted of charges related to concealing his friendship with an alleged kingpin.

Cramer, 56, stands out because his rank and foreign post made his work especially sensitive, officials said. Colleagues described him as a well-regarded investigator who spoke Spanish and operated skillfully in the array of U.S. and Mexican agencies at the border when he ran the ICE office in Nogales, Ariz., his hometown.

"It came as a complete shock," Santa Cruz County Sheriff Tony Estrada said in a telephone interview. "I have been in law enforcement at the border 42 years and I have seen some strange things, but I have never ceased to be surprised."

Estrada worked with Cramer at the Nogales police in 1979, and encountered him periodically as Cramer rose through the federal ranks.

About five months ago, Cramer showed up at the sheriff's office, Estrada said. The retired agent had returned from Mexico to his house in Sahuarita, about 15 miles south of Tucson. He applied for a job as a county detention officer, which pays about $30,000 a year, Estrada said. In contrast, Cramer's federal rank probably commanded a salary of between $130,000 and $150,000, plus benefits, officials say.

Estrada told him that working as a guard would be "quite a drop," the sheriff recalled.

"He said he wanted to keep being active, go back to his roots, keep busy," Estrada said. "So we put him through all the ropes: polygraph, background checks. We didn't find anything suspicious."

While Cramer trained at a state law enforcement academy, a two-year DEA investigation of a Mexican drug ring active in Miami accelerated.

Working with four informants, agents had run across evidence implicating Cramer in corruption, the complaint said. In 2007, an informant revealed documents -- four from the DEA database, one from ICE, two from the state of California -- supplied by an American in Mexico named "Richard," according to the complaint.

Agents identified the American as Cramer and learned that he was known to request database checks from DEA agents in Guadalajara, the complaint said. Such requests often are granted as a courtesy among agencies, officials said. ICE had six offices in Mexico at the time; the Guadalajara outpost has closed.

Agents learned that Cramer allegedly invested $40,000 in a scheme by Mexican traffickers to smuggle 660 pounds of cocaine by sea from Panama via U.S. ports to Spain. Agents tracked the shipment and Spanish police seized it in the city of Vigo in June 2007, setting off a dispute among the traffickers over who was to blame.

Cramer allegedly helped the Mexican drug lord conduct an internal hunt for henchmen responsible for the bust. Suspects under surveillance in Miami declared that Cramer would check databases to help unmask informants, whose families would be kidnapped in retaliation, the complaint said. A suspect told agents Cramer had quarreled with the drug lord over the $40,000 debt, the complaint said.

Early this month, DEA agents traveled to Arizona and told Estrada that they planned to arrest his new jail guard. "It was the last person I would have imagined," he said.

Authorities have not revealed many details.

"I think something went terribly wrong in Mexico," Estrada said. "I'm curious to know what flipped him to the other side."



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Forever Autumn

Forever Autumn is a song by Jeff Wayne, Gary Osborne and Paul Vigrass. The original melody was written by Jeff Wayne in 1969 as a jingle for a Lego commercial. Vigrass and Osborne, the performers of the original jingle, added lyrics to the song and recorded it for inclusion on their 1972 album Queues. Their interpretation was also released as a single and gained moderate commercial success in Japan, selling more than 100,000 copies and becoming a top-20 hit on the country's record chart.
The best-known version is the recording by Justin Hayward from the album Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds. Wayne wanted to include a love song on the album that sounded like Forever Autumn, and he decided that the best course of action was to simply use the original song. Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues was hand-picked by Jeff Wayne to sing it, and it was recorded at London's Advision Studios in 1976. The song reached #5 on the UK Singles Chart in July 1978.

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KANYE WEST WAS NOT THE FIRST TO INTERRUPT A MAJOR AWARDS PRESENTATION- I'LL GIVE THAT HONOR TO 'OLD DIRTY BASTARD [don't you just love these creative names that entertainers come up with so they can take your money?]

The evening following the traffic accident, Jones rushed on-stage unexpectedly as Shawn Colvin took the stage to give her acceptance speech for "Song of the Year" at the Grammy Awards, and began complaining that he had recently purchased expensive clothes in anticipation of winning the "Best Rap Album" award that he lost to Puff Daddy. As Colvin took the stage to a round of applause, he implored the audience, "Please calm down, the music and everything. It's nice that I went and bought me an outfit today that costed a lot of money today, you know what I mean? 'Cause I figured that Wu-Tang was gonna win. I don't know how you all see it, but when it comes to the children, Wu-Tang is for the children. We teach the children. You know what I mean? Puffy is good, but Wu-Tang is the best, Okay? I want you all to know that this is ODB, and I love you all. Peace!" His bizarre on-stage antics were widely reported in the mainstream media.


Cognac-swigging Kanye West storms MTV stage and grabs microphone during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1213280/Kanye-West-ruins-Taylor-Swifts-big-MTV-acceptance-speech-storms-stage.html#ixzz0R8NX5kU0

Kanye West gave a performance that will never be forgotten at the MTV Video Music Awards, but unfortunately for him, it had nothing to do with his music.

The rapper stormed on stage to unleash an astonishing rant during an acceptance speech by country starlet Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards last night.

The 19-year-old singer, who was collecting Best Female Video for You Belong To Me, was left humiliated as West snatched the microphone from her hands.

He turned to the audience and shouted that the gong should have gone to his big friend Beyonce, for Single Ladies.

The hip hop star, who had been swigging Hennessy cognac on the red carpet earlier in the night, was booed roundly by the celebrity-packed audience of thousands.

And it was only the first category of the night.

Swift had breathlessly began her speech with the words, 'I always wondered what it would be like to maybe win one of these some day, but never actually thought it would happen'.

But before she could continue any further, West leaped from his seat in the audience, ran onto the stage and rushed to grab the microphone as a bemused Swfit struggled to take in what was happening.

West told the stunned star: 'Yo Taylor. I'm really happy for you, I'm going to let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time.'

Cameras cut to Beyonce in the crowd who looked shocked and mortified.

As West shrugged his shoulders and handed back the microphone, a shell-shocked Swift stood in the centre of the stage seemingly unable to continue.

However, she was given another chance to say her piece when Beyonce did win an award for Single Ladies, in the Best Video category.

First she told the audience about her first VMA win as a 17-year-old with Destiny's Child and how much it meant to her and then she sportingly brought the teen singer back on stage to huge applause.

The pair, both dressed in bright red, embraced before Beyonce passed the microphone to Swift.

Wes was ejected from the awards show at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

He apologised for his outburst on his blog later.

He wrote: 'I'm sooooo sorry to Taylor Swift and her fans and her mom.

Taylor Swift Goes Gangsta!

America's teen country darling Taylor Swift is shedding her angelic, virginal image and co-opting something a little more street. The 19-year-old wannabe hardcore rapper rehearsed with T-Pain in Nashville on Tuesday.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2009/06/10/taylor-swift-goes-gangsta/#ixzz0R8PLp94G

Senator Reid - Giving ammo to his political enemies!

Aug. 30, 2009
Copyright © Las Vegas Review-Journal

SHERMAN FREDERICK: Enough is enough, Harry

Stop the childish bullying
This newspaper traces its roots to before Las Vegas was Las Vegas.

We've seen cattle ranches give way to railroads. We chronicled the construction of Hoover Dam. We reported on the first day of legalized gambling. The first hospital. The first school. The first church. We survived the mob, Howard Hughes, the Great Depression, several recessions, two world wars, dozens of news competitors and any number of two-bit politicians who couldn't stand scrutiny, much less criticism.

We're still here doing what we do for the people of Las Vegas and Nevada. So, let me assure you, if we weathered all of that, we can damn sure outlast the bully threats of Sen. Harry Reid.

On Wednesday, before he addressed a Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce luncheon, Reid joined the chamber's board members for a meet-'n'-greet and a photo. One of the last in line was the Review-Journal's director of advertising, Bob Brown, a hard-working Nevadan who toils every day on behalf of advertisers. He has nothing to do with news coverage or the opinion pages of the Review-Journal.

Yet, as Bob shook hands with our senior U.S. senator in what should have been nothing but a gracious business setting, Reid said: "I hope you go out of business."

Later, in his public speech, Reid said he wanted to let everyone know that he wants the Review-Journal to continue selling advertising because the Las Vegas Sun is delivered inside the Review-Journal.

Such behavior cannot go unchallenged.

You could call Reid's remark ugly and be right. It certainly was boorish. Asinine? That goes without saying.

But to fully capture the magnitude of Reid's remark (and to stop him from doing the same thing to others) it must be called what it was -- a full-on threat perpetrated by a bully who has forgotten that he was elected to office to protect Nevadans, not sound like he's shaking them down.

No citizen should expect this kind of behavior from a U.S. senator. It is certainly not becoming of a man who is the majority leader in the U.S. Senate. And it absolutely is not what anyone would expect from a man who now asks Nevadans to send him back to the Senate for a fifth term.

If he thinks he can push the state's largest newspaper around by exacting some kind of economic punishment in retaliation for not seeing eye to eye with him on matters of politics, I can only imagine how he pressures businesses and individuals who don't have the wherewithal of the Review-Journal.

For the sake of all who live and work in Nevada, we can't let this bully behavior pass without calling out Sen. Reid. If he'll try it with the Review-Journal, you can bet that he's tried it with others. So today, we serve notice on Sen. Reid that this creepy tactic will not be tolerated.

We won't allow you to bully us. And if you try it with anyone else, count on going through us first.

That's a promise, not a threat.

And it's a promise to our readers, not to you, Sen. Reid.

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9/11: Our Truth, and Theirs

Posted By Justin Raimondo On September 10, 2009 @ 11:00 pm In Uncategorized | 30 Comments

On September 11, 2001, nineteen hijackers, wielding nothing more lethal than box-cutters, commandeered four airliners, and turned them into lethal missiles, three of which managed to hit their targets – the World Trade Center and the Pentagon – while a fourth crashed in a field before it could strike its intended target — the White House. One of the hijackers had been in the United States since the mid-1990s, and the others, according to subsequent investigations, entered, exited, and re-entered the United States regularly starting in 2000.

In the years and months prior to 9/11, the terrorists remained undetected: there was not a hint, and certainly no warning, that we were about to experience the worst terrorist attack in our history. In spite of all the billions spent on "anti-terrorism" programs during the Clinton years, and the combined efforts of our intelligence community and those of our allies’, Mohammed Atta and his cohorts managed to evade detection until the day they emblazoned their vengeance across the sky and pulled off the biggest terrorist attack in US history.

That, at least, is the official story. As to what the real story is – well, we’re not allowed to ask.

President Obama’s "green czar," one Van Jones, was recently pressured into resigning. His crime? He had once signed a letter originating with one of the "9/11 Truth" organizations calling for a new investigation of the terrorist attacks. No, he hadn’t declared that 9/11 was an "inside job," as some of the more flamboyant "truthers" assert: indeed, he hadn’t challenged any one specific aspect of the official story. All he had asked for was a new investigation – and once this got out (thanks to Fox News nut-job Glenn Beck), he was shown the door.

This is the way our society deals with uncomfortable questions about "official" explanations for the inexplicable – by purging all dissenters, and even anybody who asks a question without necessarily having a ready-made answer. To the stake with them! Burn the heretics! Move along, nothing to see here – and don’t ask questions unless you want to completely marginalize yourself, lose your job, and be subjected to an intensive hate campaign.

We are asked to believe that 19 men, armed with the most basic weapons, somehow managed to elude the biggest, most expensively-accoutered intelligence apparatus in the world — and the intelligence agencies of our allies, to boot. Utilizing nothing but box-cutters and the knowledge gleaned from a few weeks at flight school, these supermen somehow managed to steer those planes into two of the most visible potential terrorist targets in the US, one of which had been successfully targeted by terrorists before. They did this with no help from any foreign intelligence agency, no nation-state in on the plot, and they did it for less than $100,000.


The more distance in time from the actual event, the odder such an assertion seems. Eight years to the day, the official account of 9/11 seems more anemic –and inadequate – than ever. Yet anyone who questions the official story – the narrative of 19 Arab dudes going on what would seem to be a rather quixotic jihad, haphazardly making their way through a strange foreign country on their own, all the while readying themselves for The Day That Changed History – is denounced as a "conspiracy theorist," a crackpot, and worse.

Of course, some of the people who challenge the official story are, indeed, crackpots: they think some kind of "controlled demolition" took place inside the World Trade Center, and that no plane hit the Pentagon.

This is very convenient for enforcers of the Official Truth: it’s easy to write these people off as nutso, and even easier to tar everyone who questions crucial aspects of the approved narrative with the same broad brush.

More critical minds, however, will not be deterred, and will certainly home in on the many discrepancies and holes in the official version of events, as well as the central implausibility of the whole affair, which is this: those nineteen hijackers simply could not have pulled it off without outside assistance of some sort, by which I mean to say help from a foreign power acting covertly in this country. The sheer complexity of the operation would no doubt have been enough to deter anyone, even al-Qaeda, from launching it in the first place: the sheer odds against it succeeding were simply too great. There had to have been some form of outside assistance – outside al-Qaeda, that is – for the plot to have gone as far as it did right up until zero hour: and I believe there was, because there is plenty of evidence that strongly suggests it.

A few weeks after 9/11, I was the first – and, as far as I know, only – writer to draw attention to the fact that, along with the thousand or so Muslims rounded up in the wake of the attacks, as many as 200 Israelis were also taken into custody by then Attorney General John Ashcroft and the feds. The subhead in the Washington Post story was quite explicit that these guys weren’t picked up for ordinary visa violations: "Government calls Several Cases ‘of Special Interest,’ Meaning Related to Post-Attacks Investigation."

What, I wondered, was the Israeli connection to 9/11? In any case, from that point on it was a legitimate question to ask, and, indeed, unknown to me, the news department over at Fox News was asking it — and, a few weeks after my column appeared, they answered it.

In an astonishing four-part series on Israeli spying in the US, top Fox News reporter Carl Cameron detailed how Israeli agents on American soil had tracked the hijackers, as they moved amongst us, and, in addition, had launched what appeared to be a wide-ranging and quite aggressive intelligence-collection operation directed at US government offices across the country. The allegations contained in his report were denied – and the story (which soon disappeared from the Fox News web site) was never followed up, but Cameron’s reportage haunts us today, and mocks us from the archives where it has been gathering dust for eight years. "Since September 11, more than 60 Israelis have been arrested or detained, either under the new patriot anti-terrorism law, or for immigration violations," reported Cameron:

"A handful of active Israeli military were among those detained, according to investigators, who say some of the detainees also failed polygraph questions when asked about alleged surveillance activities against and in the United States. There is no indication that the Israelis were involved in the 9-11 attacks, but investigators suspect that the Israelis may have gathered intelligence about the attacks in advance, and not shared it. A highly placed investigator said there are ‘tie-ins.’ But when asked for details, he flatly refused to describe them, saying, ‘evidence linking these Israelis to 9-11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It’s classified information.’"

Over the next three nights, Cameron detailed the existence of an underground Israeli army in the US armed with a dazzling array of hi-tech spying devices and techniques that enabled them to penetrate our vital communications, including those utilized by law enforcement. His reports also described the consequences for any law enforcement officials who dared raise questions about this: their careers, Cameron told us, would be effectively over.

Cameron’s reporting was viewed by millions. Of course, the Israelis and our own government denied everything. Mark Regev, a spokesman for the Israeli government, scoffed: Israel, spying on the United States? Why, who ever heard of such a thing?! The US government, for its part, disdained all such reports as "an urban myth." The Israel lobby moved quickly to make sure the Cameron reports were thrown down the Memory Hole, and Cameron was accused of – you guessed it! – "anti-Semitism," on account of having spent time in the Middle East in his youth.

Yet the story persisted. Die Zeit, the respected German weekly, ran a piece entitled "Next Door to Mohammed Atta," in which further evidence the Israelis had been tracking the hijackers quite closely was cited as coming from French intelligence sources. This was followed up by a story in Salon – hardly a bastion of anti-Semitic agitation – which gave a long and detailed account of the Israeli spying operation, as outlined by Cameron, and concluded that it was in large part meant as a diversionary tactic. The same author did a comprehensive follow-up in Counterpunch, after The Nation spiked it. Reputable newspapers like the Scottish Sunday Herald reported the known facts.

Yet the 9/11 Commission did not so much as mention this aspect of the 9/11 story. Nor has Fox News ever followed up on Cameron’s reporting: they haven’t disavowed it, either. They, along with the rest of the "news" media in this country, simply pretend it never happened. When Arianna Huffington purged me from blogging on the Huffington Post, she cited my own reporting on this story as the reason: "Oh, come on, Dhaaa-link! You know dat’s anti-Semitic!"

Really? Is Fox News anti-Semitic, too? Is Die Zeit? Salon? Le Monde? How about The Forward?

Of course, Arianna is an airhead, but her instinct for self-preservation at all costs – yes, even at the cost of the truth – is indicative of what’s involved here. I was told, before I undertook to challenge the "official" 9/11 story, that I would pay for it by being cast out of the "mainstream" whilst being mercilessly smeared. In any event, since I was never all that interested in being considered "mainstream" – in part because I knew the whole concept of "mainstream" was very over – and because the prospect of being viciously attacked didn’t faze me in the least, I was undeterred. And I remain so to this day.

What I want to know is this: does Fox News stand by Carl Cameron’s reporting on the question of Israeli foreknowledge of the 9/11 terrorist attacks? Yes – or no? If so, then what is their loudest mouth – I refer, of course, to Glenn Beck – doing smearing someone as a "Truther" who is asking the same sort of questions asked by Fox News reporter Cameron? If Van Jones must go, because he’s supposedly a "Truther," then Cameron must go, too.

No, I don’t expect an answer to my question any time soon – or, indeed, any time at all. I just want my readers to contemplate the implications of that, and what it says about the veracity of the "official" 9/11 narrative.

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Reporter feels mob's hate in the Holy City

The ABC's Middle East correspondent Anne Barker became caught in violent street protests involving ultra-Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem at the weekend. This is her graphic account of her ordeal.

As a journalist I've covered more than my share of protests. Political protests in Canberra. Unions protesting for better conditions. Angry, loud protests against governments, or against perceived abuses of human rights.

I've been at violent rallies in East Timor. I've had rocks and metal darts thrown my way. I've come up against riot police.

But I have to admit no protest - indeed no story in my career - has distressed me in the way I was distressed at a protest in Jerusalem on Saturday involving several hundred ultra-Orthodox Jews.

This particular protest has been going on for weeks.

Orthodox Jews are angry at the local council's decision to open a municipal carpark on Saturdays - or Shabbat, the day of rest for Jews.

It's a day when Jews are not supposed to do anything resembling work, which can include something as simple as flicking a switch, turning on a light or driving.

So even opening a simple carpark to accommodate the increasing number of tourists visiting Jerusalem's Old City is highly offensive to Orthodox Jews because it's seen as a desecration of the Shabbat, by encouraging people to drive.

I was aware that earlier protests had erupted into violence on previous weekends - Orthodox Jews throwing rocks at police, or setting rubbish bins alight, even throwing dirty nappies or rotting rubbish at anyone they perceive to be desecrating the Shabbat.

But I never expected their anger would be directed at me.

I was mindful I would need to dress conservatively and keep out of harm's way. But I made my mistake when I parked the car and started walking towards the protest, not fully sure which street was which.

By the time I realised I'd come up the wrong street it was too late.

I suddenly found myself in the thick of the protest - in the midst of hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews in their long coats and sable-fur hats.

They might be supremely religious, but their behaviour - to me - was far from charitable or benevolent.

As the protest became noisier and the crowd began yelling, I took my recorder and microphone out of my bag to record the sound.

Suddenly the crowd turned on me, screaming in my face. Dozens of angry men began spitting on me.

Spit like rain

I found myself herded against a brick wall as they kept on spitting - on my face, my hair, my clothes, my arms.

It was like rain, coming at me from all directions - hitting my recorder, my bag, my shoes, even my glasses.

Big gobs of spit landed on me like heavy raindrops. I could even smell it as it fell on my face.

Somewhere behind me - I didn't see him - a man on a stairway either kicked me in the head or knocked something heavy against me.

I wasn't even sure why the mob was angry with me. Was it because I was a journalist? Or a woman? Because I wasn't Jewish in an Orthodox area? Was I not dressed conservatively enough?

In fact, I was later told, it was because using a tape-recorder is itself a desecration of the Shabbat even though I'm not Jewish and don't observe the Sabbath.

It was lucky that I don't speak Yiddish. At least I was spared the knowledge of whatever filth they were screaming at me.

As I tried to get away I found myself up against the line of riot police blocking the crowd from going any further.


Israeli police in their flak jackets and helmets, with rifles and shields, were yelling just as loudly back at the protesting crowd.

I found them something of a reassurance against the angry, spitting mob.

I was allowed through, away from the main protest, although there were still Orthodox Jews on the other side, some of whom also yelled at me, in English, to take my recorder away.

Normally I should have stayed on the sidelines to watch the protest develop.

But when you've suffered the humiliation and degradation of being spat on so many times - and you're covered in other people's spit - it's not easy to put it to the back of your mind and get on with the job.

I left down a side street and walked the long way back to the car, struggling to hold back the tears.

Editor's note (August 25): This report has been amended to make it clear the protesters were speaking Yiddish rather than Hebrew, as was originally reported.


Zimbabwean archbishop Pius Ncube-Vow Breaker-The phoney!!

How secret camera in archbishop's 'love nest' silenced vocal Mugabe criticVideo recording of alleged adultery embarrasses nation's Catholic leader
The pictures are as grainy and blurry as you might expect from a tiny camera hidden in the ceiling of what Zimbabwe's government press is calling "the archbishop's love nest". But there is little doubt that the man perched on the edge of the bed is Pius Ncube, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Bulawayo and furious opponent of Robert Mugabe. Behind the cleric, as he takes his shirt off, is a shape that a worker on Zimbabwe railways, Onesimus Sibanda, says is his wife, Rosemary, a secretary in the cathedral.
The video, showing a full frontal shot of a naked man who appears to be the archbishop as he climbs on to a woman whose breasts are also visible, is the basis of a lawsuit against the archbishop that is ostensibly about Mr Sibanda's honour but which the government has seized on - and almost certainly engineered - to silence one of Mr Mugabe's most persistent and effective critics.

Archbishop Ncube has denounced Zimbabwe's president as a murderer, mobilised the country's Catholic bishops to issue a pastoral letter likening the struggle against the present regime to the liberation war against white rule, and even called on Christians to pray for Mr Mugabe's death.

Now he has gone to ground while the Catholic hierarchy decides what to do as the fires are stoked by repeated broadcasts of the video on Zimbabwe television and a claim by the former secret policeman who planted the camera that Mrs Sibanda was only one of a string of women filmed in the bedroom.

The archbishop has done nothing to quell the furore. He refused to deny the accusations, saying instead that he is feeling "stressed" and praying a great deal.

The government and state-owned press maintain that the alleged affair came to light when Mr Sibanda hired a private investigator, Ernest Tekere, to check on his wife. Mr Tekere planted the camera in the ceiling of the archbishop's bedroom. "That man is a terrible womaniser," he told the state-run Harare Herald. "During the operation we saw several ladies coming to his room, women of all ages. There were old ladies, nuns and some young ones.

"He is not doing his job of sowing the holy seed but womanising. The number of women who visited his house during our investigations were too many."

But suspicions of a government hand at work were raised by the fact that Mr Sibanda has been separated from his wife for some time and lives with another woman, and because his pay is unlikely to have stretched to Mr Tekere's fees. It also emerged that the private detective is a former senior official in the Central Investigation Organisation in Bulawayo.

A fortnight ago, Mr Mugabe made a little-noticed remark about priests that is now being widely interpreted in Zimbabwe as evidence the government was behind the operation. "Some of them claim they swore to celibacy yet they sleep around with countless women," he said.

Mr Sibanda is suing the archbishop for £80,000. Court officials serving the legal papers on Archbishop Ncube were accompanied by television cameras. The state broadcaster said Mrs Sibanda admitted to the affair.

Government-run newspapers splashed the pictures on the front pages and gave detailed accounts of scenes from the video, including what the Herald described as the archbishop having a "nice time" with an unnamed married woman.

"She is believed to be a long-time girlfriend of the archbishop, as seen from the composure and confidence she exuded while in the archbishop's bedroom," the Herald wrote. "As the woman rests on the bed, Archbishop Ncube removes his collar and throws it into one of his drawers. He then proceeds to prepare the bed and places a wrapping towel across the bed."

According to the newspaper, the footage shows that the archbishop gave one sexual partner money and that she then stole jewellery from his room.

Although Archbishop Ncube's lawyers, friends and supporters quickly came out to deny the accusations, their confidence has been shaken by the cleric's refusal to do so himself.

The Solidarity Peace Trust, a church-backed group pressing for political change co-led by Archbishop Ncube, said it stood by him "regardless of the truth or falsity" of the allegations and accused the government of tactics reminiscent of the apartheid-era security police in South Africa.

Five years ago, the government engineered a sting against the opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, in which he was filmed allegedly hiring a man who claimed to be a former Israeli intelligence operative to "eliminate" Mr Mugabe. Mr Tsvangirai was acquitted at a treason trial two years later.

But some of the cleric's supporters are aghast at what they describe as his recklessness when he should have assumed that he was a primary target for surveillance. "I think it's safe to say that Pius is in a situation partly of his own making," said one of the archbishop's political supporters. "Initially I thought it wasn't true. Now I have to say the weight of evidence is against him. I'm angry with him because we all know what kind of regime we are dealing with and he has jeopardised so much."

Mr Mugabe, who describes himself as an "ordinary Catholic" and several years ago drew criticism by fathering children with his secretary while still married, said he would call for prayers for the archbishop "so that he can repent and return to morality". "Since you are my archbishop, Pius, and you swore to celibacy, keep your vows," he said. "Snatching other people's wives is not fair play."

Vatican officials had no doubt the archbishop was the victim of a carefully prepared operation to discredit him, but there has been a growing feeling in Rome that he has gone too far in his fight with Mr Mugabe. This month Archbishop Ncube said the president "should be excommunicated at the very least".


Serena Williams-A discrace!

'If I could, I'd take this fucking ball and shove it down your fucking throat': What Serena Williams REALLY told line judge!

“I swear to God, If I could, I would take this f*****g ball and shove it down your f*****g throat,” Williams furiously screamed as she walked towards the line judge who was sitting just a few feet away. Williams kept coming at her, screaming profanities and began waiving her racket as if she intended to strike her with it.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The 1932-33 Genocide in Ukraine - The real holocaust

Jewish Communists Starved Nine Million Christians.
The People Behind The Famine

Where Did It Happen?
Stalin's Famine raged through the Ukraine, and the lower Volga River region in 1932-33. This resulted in the death of between 7 to 10 million people, mainly Ukrainians
Why Did Stalin Kill The People?
The Ukrainian people told the Moscow Jewish communists they wouldn't give them their land, and in fact wanted independence from Russia. The Kremlin used the famine as a political weapon to destroy Ukrainian aspirations for independence
Who Did They Kill?
They killed Ukrainian farmers, villagers, intelligentsia, and anyone that could unite and lead the people.
A wave of persecutions of thousands of Ukrainian intellectuals, writers, and leaders took place. Plots for liberating the Ukraine were discovered, not only in the smallest villages, but even in the top ranks of the Ukrainian Communist Party itself.
Eighty percent of Ukrainian intellectuals were shot.
Mass Murder
The Jewish NKVD secret police took the crops and livestock, and were shooting up to 10,000 Ukranians a day. During the bitter winter of 1932-33, 25,000 Ukrainians per day were being shot or died of starvation and cold. Cannibalism became common
How Did They Do It?
In 1932, the Communists installed a quota, that essentially took all of the peasantry's grain, and stored it in grain elevators. Communists used military troops and NKVD secret police units to collect the grain.
Next, they instigated an internal passport system, and the peasants could not travel in search of food. The grain was stored in elevators, guarded by the NKVD, while Ukrainians were starving in the immediate area.
What Did America Say?
The New York Times' reporter Walter Duranty, British writers Sidney and Beatrice Webb, and French Prime Minister Edouard Herriot, toured Ukraine, denied reports of genocide, and applauded what they called Soviet "agrarian reform."
President Franklin D. Roosevelt was well aware of the genocide, but closed his eyes, even to the point of blocking aid groups from going to the Ukraine. Roosevelt always referred to Stalin as "Uncle Joe".


Jewish group objects to ‘Great Famine’ case
June 15, 2009

KIEV, Ukraine (JTA) -- A Jewish group in Ukraine is objecting to a criminal case brought over the "Great Famine" committed in the 1930s.

The nation's security service is pressing the case against a list of former Soviet officials accused of committing the Holodomor, which caused the deaths of millions in Ukraine in 1932-33. Most of the names on the list were Jewish.

Ukrainian lawmaker Aleksandr Feldman, leader of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, said last week that it was "a farce" to press the case.

“All organizers of the Great Famine are dead," he said.

Last July, the Ukrainian Security Service released a list of high-ranking Soviet state and Communist Party officials -- as well as officials from NKVD, the police force of Soviet Russia -- that essentially blamed Jews and Latvians responsible for perpetrating and executing the famine because most of the names on the list were Jewish.

The Ukrainian Jewish Committee called on the secret service to revise the list, which incited interethnic hatred, in order to clear up the “inaccuracy.”

Feldman believes there is a danger that the “Holodomor Affair” materials are being used for political purposes.

In late May, security service head Valentin Nalivaychenko claimed at a meeting with representatives of the World Congress of Ukrainians that “Ukraine has collected enough evidence to bring a criminal case regarding the famine, which was artificially created by the Bolshevik regime and caused mass death of citizens.”

Through the World Congress of Ukrainians, Nalivaychenko turned to leading foreign lawyers with a request to help find out the circumstances connected with preparing and committing the genocide.

[edit] Scope and duration
The famine affected the Ukrainian SSR as well as the Moldavian ASSR (a part of the Ukrainian S.S.R. at the time) between 1932 and 1933. However, not every part suffered from the Holodomor for the whole period; the greatest number of victims was recorded in the spring of 1933.

The first reports of mass malnutrition and deaths from starvation emerged from 2 urban area of Uman - by the time Vinnytsya and Kiev oblasts dated by beginning of January 1933. By mid-January 1933 there were reports about mass “difficulties” with food in urban areas that had been undersupplied through the rationing system and deaths from starvation among people who were withdrawn from rationing supply according to Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine Decree December 1932. By the beginning of February 1933, according to received reports from local authorities and Ukrainian GPU, the most affected area was listed as Dnipropetrovsk Oblast which also suffered from epidemics of typhus and malaria. Odessa and Kiev oblasts were second and third respectively. By mid-March, most reports originated from Kiev Oblast.

By mid-April 1933, the Kharkiv Oblast reached the top of the most affected list, while Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, Vinnytsya, Donetsk oblasts and Moldavian SSR followed it. Last reports about mass deaths from starvation dated mid-May through the beginning of June 1933 originated from raions in Kiev and Kharkiv oblasts. The “less affected” list noted the Chernihiv Oblast and northern parts of Kiev and Vinnytsya oblasts. According to the Central Committee of the CP(b) of Ukraine Decree as of February 8 1933, no hunger cases should have remained untreated, and all local authorities were directly obliged to submit reports about numbers suffering from hunger, the reasons for hunger, number of deaths from hunger, food aid provided from local sources and centrally provided food aid required. Parallel reporting and food assistance were managed by the GPU of the Ukrainian SSR. Many regional reports and most of the central summary reports are available from present-day central and regional Ukrainian archives.[27] There is documentary evidence of widespread cannibalism during the Holodomor.[28] The Soviet regime of the time even printed posters declaring: "To eat your own children is a barbarian act."[29]

Denial of the famine by Soviet authorities, including President Mikhail Kalinin and Foreign Minister Maxim Litvinov, was immediate and continued into the 1980s. The Soviet party line was echoed at the time of the famine by some prominent Western journalists, including Walter Duranty and Louis Fischer. The denial of the famine was a highly successful and well orchestrated disinformation campaign by the Soviet government [58][59][60]. Stalin "had achieved the impossible: he had silenced all the talk of hunger... Millions were dying, but the nation hymned the praises of collectivization", said historian and writer Edvard Radzinsky[60]. That was the first major instance of Soviet authorities adopting Hitler's Big Lie propaganda technique to sway world opinion, to be followed by similar campaigns over the Moscow Trials and denial of the Gulag labor camp system, according to Robert Conquest [38]

On November 10, 2003 at the United Nations twenty-five countries including Russia, Ukraine and United States signed a joint statement on the seventieth anniversary of the Holodomor with the following preamble:

In the former Soviet Union millions of men, women and children fell victims to the cruel actions and policies of the totalitarian regime. The Great Famine of 1932-1933 in Ukraine (Holodomor), which took from 7 million to 10 million innocent lives and became a national tragedy for the Ukrainian people. In this regard we note activities in observance of the seventieth anniversary of this Famine, in particular organized by the Government of Ukraine.

Honouring the seventieth anniversary of the Ukrainian tragedy, we also commemorate the memory of millions of Russians, Kazakhs and representatives of other nationalities who died of starvation in the Volga River region, Northern Caucasus, Kazakhstan and in other parts of the former Soviet Union, as a result of civil war and forced collectivization, leaving deep scars in the consciousness of future generations.[21]


Israeli intellectuals still experiment with collectivism;
[edit] Ideology of the kibbutz movement
First Aliyah immigrants were largely religious, but those of the Second Aliyah were mainly secular. A Jewish work ethic thus replaced religious practice. Berl Katznelson, a Labor Zionist leader articulated this when he said "Everywhere the Jewish laborer goes, the divine presence goes with him.".[12]

In addition to redeeming the Jewish nation through work, there was also an element of redeeming Eretz Yisrael - Palestine - in the kibbutz ideology. In the contemporary Yiddish anti-Zionist literature that was circulating around Eastern Europe, Palestine was mocked as dos gepeigerte land, "the country that had died." Kibbutz members found immense gratification in bringing the land back to life by planting trees, draining swamps, and countless other hard-graft activities to make the land (invariably wetlands) productive. In soliciting donations, kibbutzim and other Zionist settlement activities presented themselves as "making the desert bloom."

Most kibbutzim were founded upon disputed land. Like most other Jewish agricultural communities, kibbutzim were founded in three relatively small, flat, low-lying regions of the country, the upper Jordan Valley, the Jezreel Valley and the Sharon coastal plain. The land was marshy and highly fertile, but available for purchase because it was infested with malaria and thus unproductive. Most early kibbutzniks, including David ben Gurion himself, suffered from malaria. In areas of higher elevation without standing water, where mosquitos could not breed—such as the area now called the West Bank—there were few if any kibbutzim.

Members of a kibbutz, or kibbutzniks, like other participants in the Zionist movement, had not considered the possibility of conflict between Jews and Arabs over Palestine. Mainstream Zionists predicted the Arab population would be grateful for the economic benefits that the Jews would bring. The left wing of the kibbutz movement believed that the enemies of the Arab peasants were Arab landowners (called effendis), not fellow Jewish farmers. By the late 1930s as the struggle against world fascism and for a political refuge for persecuted Jews began, kibbutzniks began to assume a military role in the New Yishuv.

The first kibbutzniks hoped to be more than plain farmers in Palestine. They even hoped for more than a Jewish homeland there: they wanted to create a new type of society where all would be equal and free from exploitation. The early kibbutzniks wanted to be both free from working for others and from the guilt of exploiting hired work. Thus was born the idea that Jews would band together, holding their property in common, "from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs."

Kibbutz members were not classic Marxists though their system partially resembled Communism. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels both shared a disdain for conventional formulations of the nation-state. Leninists were hostile to Zionism, but nevertheles the two main kibbutz leaders, Tabenkin and Yaari commenced in the late 1930s pushing their movements leftward to reverence of Stalin's dictatorship in order to save their leaderships. They succeeded in 1948, established Mapam party that adored the Soviet Union when supported the establishment of Israeli state, although most Kibbutz Artzi members opposed Yaari's move. Soon Stalin became hostile to Israel as it served Soviet diplomatic and military interests in the Arab world. This caused major crises and mass exit in both Kibbutz Meuchad and Kibbutz Artzi kibbutzim, especially after the 1953 Doctors' Plot in Moscow and the Prague showcase Trials. But even after Nikita Khrushchev's 1956 denouncement of Stalinism in the "secret speech," the two leaders suppressed young leaders and the many members who rejected communism, since it served their rule.[13] However, to this day many kibbutzim remain strongholds of left-wing Israeli politics.

Although kibbutzniks practiced a form of communism themselves, they did not believe that it could work for everyone; for example, the Kibbutz political parties never called for the abolition of private property. Kibbutzniks saw their kibbutzim as collective enterprises within a free market system. Kibbutzim also practise active democracy in organisation: periodic elections are held for Kibbutz functions as well as an active participation in national elections.

Kibbutzim were not the only contemporary communal enterprises: pre-war Palestine also saw the development of communal villages called moshavim (singular moshav). In a moshav, marketing and major farm purchases would be done collectively, but personal lives were entirely private. Although much less famous than kibbutzim, moshavim became more numerous and popular than kibbutzim after the establishment of Israel in 1948.

Kibbutz residents tend to vote left of center. In 2009, most votes from kibbutzim went to Kadima, Labor, and Meretz

ISRAELI's devoted to preservation of the State of Israel at any cost have displaced the indigenous peoples of Palestine, event to the point where it may be called extermination- THE SETTLEMENTS ARE RELIGIOUSLY JUSTIFIED!

Palestinians argue that the policy of settlements constitutes an effort to pre-empt or even sabotage a peace treaty that includes Palestinian sovereignty, and claim that the settlements are built on land that belongs to Palestinians.[40][41]

Israelis supportive of settlement respond that they are religiously justified in owning the land. Furthermore, the Israel Foreign Ministry asserts that some settlements are legitimate, as they took shape when there was no operative diplomatic arrangement, and thus they did not violate any agreement.[42][43][44] Based on this, they assert the following specific reasons for accepting settlements as legitimate:

Prior to the signing of the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty, the eruption of the First Intifada in the late eighties, down to the signing of the Israeli-Jordanian peace treaty in 1994, Israeli governments on the left and right argued that the settlements were of strategic and tactical importance. The location of the settlements was primarily chosen based on the threat of an attack by the bordering hostile countries of Jordan, Syria, and Egypt and possible routes of advance into Israeli population areas[citation needed].These settlements were originally thought of as contributing to the peace and security of the state of Israel at a time when peace treaties had not been signed. Some supporters of the settlements still cite these reasons.[45][46][47][48][49][50]
Many religious Jews assert the biblical Jewish connection to the areas in dispute, arguing that their claim to build is equal to the biblical Jewish connection to the other areas in Israel.
The international consensus on the illegality of Israeli settlements
According to the BBC, the "overwhelming view" of the international community is that the settlements are illegal based upon Article 49 of the Geneva Convention.[65]

The consensus view is largely based on UN Security council resolutions, including resolutions 446, 452, 465, 471 and 476 which find the settlements to be illegal.[66] In Resolution 465 the settlements are even described as a "flagrant violation". Separately also the legal arm of the UN, the International Court of Justice, has found the settlements to be illegal under international law.[67]

International human rights groups Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and B'Tselem have denounced the settlements as illegal.[68][69][70]

The European Union considers the settlements to be illegal.[71] The reconvened Conference of the High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions declared in 2001 that the settlements are illegal.[72]

The United Nations General Assembly has passed several resolutions denouncing all settlements in the occupied territories as illegal. Below is a summary of voting records concerning such resolutions from 2006-2008

Amnesty International argues that Israel's settlement policy is not only illegal, but is discriminatory and a violation of Palestinian human rights:

'As well as violating international humanitarian law per se, the implementation of Israel's settlement policy in the Occupied Territories violates fundamental human rights provisions, including the prohibition of discrimination. The seizure and appropriations of land for Israeli settlements, bypass roads and related infrastructure and discriminatory allocation of other vital resources, including water, have had a devastating impact on the fundamental rights of the local Palestinian population, including their rights to an adequate standard of living, housing, health, education, and work, and freedom of movement within the Occupied Territories."[68]

The Israeli human rights centre B'Tselem and other sources have indicated that the road blocks scattered inside the West Bank between Palestinian cities and villages which are designed to "protect the settlers" from Arab snipers firing on Israeli drivers, as well as Arab ambushes of Israelis, have had a significant impact on freedom of movement. While the road blocks are also said to protect Israelis within Israel, according to B'Tselem, the (siege) "imprisons entire populations within their communities or in a small geographic area and limits their access to other parts of the West Bank."[130][131][132]

In Hebron, where 500-600 settlers live among 167,000 Palestinians, B'Tselem argues that there have been "grave violations" of Palestinian human rights because of the "presence of the settlers within the city." The organization cites regular incidents of "almost daily physical violence and property damage by settlers in the city", curfews and restrictions of movement that are "among the harshest in the Occupied Territories", and violence and by Israeli border policemen and the IDF against Palestinians who live in the city's H2 sector.[133][134][135]

Human Rights Watch reports on physical violence against Palestinians by settlers, including, "frequent[ly] stoning and shooting at Palestinian cars. In many cases, settlers abuse Palestinians in front of Israeli soldiers or police with little interference from the authorities."[136]

B'Tselem also documents settler actions against Palestinians that include "blocking roadways, so as to impede Palestinian life and commerce. The settlers also shoot solar panels on roofs of buildings, torch automobiles, shatter windowpanes and windshields, destroy crops, uproot trees, abuse merchants and owners of stalls in the market. Some of these actions are intended to force Palestinians to leave their homes and farmland, and thereby enable the settlers to gain control of them."[137]

According to B'Tselem, more than fifty percent of the land of the West Bank has been expropriated from Palestinian owners "mainly to establish settlements and create reserves of land for the future expansion of the settlements". While the seized lands mainly benefit the settlements, the Palestinian public is prohibited from using them in any way.[138] According to Meron Benvenisti,

'the entire "settlement enterprise" has become a commercial real estate project, which conscripts Zionist rhetoric for profit'.[139]

A series of modern roads have been established by Israel throughout the West Bank which bypass Palestinian areas, some of which are closed to vehicles with Palestinian license-plates in varying degrees, can fluctuate based on arbitrary Israeli security concerns: some roads (mostly leading into Israel) are closed to all Palestinian traffic; many roads are closed to private traffic but allow public and commercial transportation; some roads are fully open to all Palestinian traffic and are shared completely with Israeli motorists. At the same time, Palestinian areas and roads are closed to vehicles with Israeli license-plates, though these roads are often of poorer quality, are less upkept and new roads are rarely built by Palestinians. Israel argues that such a system is needed for security reasons because of many incidents in which Israelis who entered Palestinians areas were endangered or killed, and that the restrictions generally reduce tension between the two populations. B'Tselem has described this system as nevertheless 'discriminatory': "Rather than use the main roads between the cities, most of the population is forced to use long and winding alternate routes. The regime has forced most Palestinians to leave their cars at home and travel by public transportation, in part because private cars are not allowed to cross some of the checkpoints." B'Tselem lists the effects of this separate roads regime, including: Wasted (additional) time to reach destinations, tardiness or inability to reach destinations, exhaustion, increased cost of travel, and increased wear and tear on vehicles resulting from travel on worn down or dirt roads.[140]

The recent construction of the Israeli West Bank barrier routed inside the green line to encompass a variety of settlements has also been cited as an infirengement on Palestinian human and land rights. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs estimates that 10% of the West Bank will fall on the Israeli side of the barrier.[141][142]