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Hell! Let's Go To War With The ENTIRE Axis Of Evil!!! North Korea and Iran Included!!!

Petraeus approves Mideast spy missions Order authorizes deployment of special ops to allied, hostile states.

WASHINGTON — US Central Command chief Gen. David Petraeus signed a secret order in late 2009 that set the stage for an increase in covert operations to counter militants and other threats across the Middle East, US defense officials said Tuesday.

Petraeus, a top US general in the region, was said by two officials to have signed an order in September authorizing Special Operations forces to deploy to both allied and hostile nations in the Mideast, Central Asia and the Horn of Africa to conduct surveillance missions and partner with local forces.

Petraeus: Arab-Israeli conflict hurts US
Analysis: Is there a shift in US military thinking?
Israel, US to share airline terror intel

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity, as the missions involved clandestine forces.

The seven-page order also apparently authorized specific operations in Iran, most likely to gather intelligence about the country's nuclear program or identify dissident groups that might be useful for a future military offensive, according to The New York Times, which first disclosed the directive in its Tuesday edition.

Also citing anonymous sources, the newspaper said that the new order did not authorize offensive action, but rather its goal was to build new networks to "penetrate, disrupt, defeat or destroy" militant groups, including al-Qaida, and "prepare the environment" for future attacks.

As such, the Joint Unconventional Warfare Task Force Execute Order of Sept. 30 to a large extent is aimed at codifying established activities — some of which have been under way for years — and more systematically align them and fund them under Central Command's special operations component, one defense official said.

One such major escalation in the region is the work already under way with Yemen, the country where al-Qaida linked militants planned the failed Christmas Day airliner attack over Detroit by the so-called underwear bomber. In that case, the Defense Department plans to more than double to $150 million this year the money spent on helicopters, weapons and other counterterrorism efforts to help local security forces go after the group al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula.

Aside from that expansion, it was unclear Tuesday precisely what other operations or missions in recent months might have stemmed from the new order.



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Obama To Generals and Admirals, "Prepare to neutralize North Korea" Nukes at the Ready for Instantenous Launch! North readies Nuke Strike On Japan!

There was a time in the Truman administration, in 1951, when the White House seemingly joined to help its enemies. The two-term limit amendment was ratified in 1951 and made an exception for Truman who was president when the ball started rolling for its passage. Truman had intermediaries in the field, looking at New Hampshire et al. All the while, seemingly blissfully unaware, the White House was committing one terrible goof-up after another.
Corruption was rampant; the Kefauver committee was investigating the administration up one side and down the other; 161 employees of the Justice department were either pushed out the door to “resignation” or were fired outright for corruption. The assistant attorney general of the tax division was indicted for accepting favors.
It got so bad that the attorney general, J. Howard McGrath decided to hire a Simon pure special investigator to ferret out corruption. It worked out too well. The guy found so much corruption the AG fired him. The heat came on the administration for firing the special prosecutor that Truman fired McGrath.
In the middle of this Truman wrote a letter to the music critic of The Washington Post which was so semi-literate that it was withheld by The Post out of decency, else the nation’s confidence in the presidency would be destroyed…Truman saying that because the guy’s review of his daughter’s singing was so bad he, Truman, wouldunman him, hit him below the belt and smash his testicles. At the same time we were in an undeclared war in Korea—a war that the Congress didn’t even vote a resolution on as it has with Vietnam and twice with Iraq… but which declared by Truman as a “police action.” He wrote a letter to the commandant of the Marines and charges “the Marines have installed a propaganda machine that is almost equal to Stalin’s.”
When the steel mills were involved in a strike, he arbitrarily seized them and forced them to operate—an act that was judged unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Still determined to run for president in 1952, he joined the New Hampshire primary and got licked decisively by Estes Kefauver. That decided it. Truman picked up his marbles and decided to retire.

SEOUL, May 24 (Reuters) - North Korea threatened on Monday to fire at South Korean equipment if it is set up at their heavily armed border to broadcast anti-Pyongyang messages, and vowed to take stronger measures if Seoul escalated tensions.

The warnings came in a statement from a military commander carried by the North's KCNA news agency.

South Korea said on Monday it would resume loudspeaker broadcasts at the border that had been suspended for six years, as part of its punishment toward the North for the sinking of one of its navy ships.[IDnTOE64N00Y] (Reporting by Jack Kim; Editing by Jonathan Hopfner)


Reuters - President Barack Obama has directed the U.S. military to coordinate with South Korea to "ensure readiness" and deter future aggression from North Korea, the White House said on Monday.

Politics | South Korea | North Korea | Barack Obama

The United States gave strong backing to plans by South Korean President Lee Myung-bak to punish North Korea for sinking one of its naval ships, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said in a statement.

The White House urged North Korea to apologize and change its behavior, he said.

"We endorse President Lee's demand that North Korea immediately apologize and punish those responsible for the attack, and, most importantly, stop its belligerent and threatening behavior," Gibbs said.

"U.S. support for South Korea's defense is unequivocal, and the president has directed his military commanders to coordinate closely with their Republic of Korea counterparts to ensure readiness and to deter future aggression," he said.

Obama and Lee have agreed to meet at the G20 summit in Canada next month, he said.

Late last week, a team of international investigators accused North Korea of torpedoing the Cheonan corvette in March, killing 46 sailors in one of the deadliest clashes between the two since the 1950-53 Korean War.

Lee said on Monday South Korea would bring the issue before the U.N., whose past sanctions have damaged the already ruined North Korean economy.

The United States still has about 28,000 troops in South Korea to provide military support.

The two Koreas, still technically at war, have more than 1 million troops near their border.

"We will build on an already strong foundation of excellent cooperation between our militaries and explore further enhancements to our joint posture on the Peninsula as part of our ongoing dialogue," Gibbs said.

Gibbs said the United States supported Lee's plans to bring the issue to the United Nations Security Council and would work with allies to "reduce the threat that North Korea poses to regional stability."

Obama had also directed U.S. agencies to evaluate existing policies toward North Korea.

"This review is aimed at ensuring that we have adequate measures in place and to identify areas where adjustments would be appropriate," he said.

(Editing by Doina Chiacu)


Tensions have escalated sharply on the Korean Peninsular, where the sinking of a South Korean warship has created a "highly precarious" situation, increasing the risk of a flare-up in the 60-year old conflict, Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, warned on Monday.

Her remarks came hours after South Korea announced it was cutting off all trade with the North in retaliation for the deliberate sinking of the Cheonan in March and vowed "immediate" retaliation if North Korean attempted further provocations.

"We are working hard to avoid an escalation of belligerence and provocation," Mrs Clinton said while on a two-day visit to China. "This is a highly precarious situation that the North Koreans have caused in the region."

In Washington, President Barack Obama threw his full support behind the Seoul's decision and ordered his military commanders to work closely with their South Korean counterparts to "ensure readiness and deter aggression".

In Beijing, Mrs Clinton engaged in "very intensive consultations" with the Chinese government in a bid to win international support for punitive measures against Pyongyang.

As tensions in the region rose, the US was reported to be forward-deploying a unit of its state-of-the-art F-22 Raptor ground-attack aircraft to Japan before the end of the month, which could be over North Korea within minutes in the event of conflict.

It is also understood that Japan was persuaded to change its mind over the closure of a controversial US air base in Okinawa in part because of Washington's arguments that the base was essential for deploying US marines to North Korea's nuclear facilities in the event of the regime's collapse.

Less than a week after an international inquiry found North Korea responsible for torpedoing the ship with loss of 46 lives, South Korea's president Lee Myung-bak, announced a package of reprisals in a sombre televised address from the country's war memorial.

"From now on, (South) Korea will not tolerate any provocative act by the North and will maintain the principle of proactive deterrence," Mr Lee said in a nationally televised speech delivered from the country's war memorial.

"If our territorial waters, airspace or territory are violated, we will immediately exercise our right of self-defence."

Mr Lee, who last week said the sinking was a breach of the 1953 armistice that ended the Korean War, confirmed that Seoul will now refer the matter to the United Nations.

North Korea's near-bankrupt economy is already reeling from the impact of UN sanctions imposed last year after the illegal testing of a ballistic missile and a second nuclear device, with defectors reporting rising food shortages and growing discontent among the population.

Analysts said that Mr Lee's response – which exempted the joint Kaesong industrial complex and aid for North Korean children – appeared to be carefully calibrated, avoiding direct mention of Kim Jong-il himself.

However, Mr Lee said the South was no longer prepared to turn the other cheek in the face of North Korean provocations, as it had in the past after a 1983 bombing in Myanmar aimed at Seoul's then-president and the downing of a South Korean airliner in 1987, which killed 115 people.

"Now things are different. North Korea will pay a price corresponding to its provocative acts," said President Lee. He added: "North Korea's goal is to instigate division and conflict. It is now time for the North Korean regime to change."

The South's capital and stock markets dipped slightly on the news, with the won falling more than two per cent to an eight-month low in early trading, though later recovered a little, as traders appeared to signal that the situation was not yet sufficiently grave to trigger capital flight.

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Awesome Sunset-Barcelona Harbor, Lake Erie, Western New York


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Why Don't They Publish Us?

From The Guardian and The New York Times to The Washington Post and Reuters, I've submitted several op-ed pieces and articles to the world's mainstream media outlets and newspapers over the past years. All of my submissions were responded identically: "Rejected"!

Intrinsically, it's an ambition of every journalist to reach out to a greater audience, achieve more exposure, make progress and improve his portfolio. Putting aside the primary motive of being renowned as a reference of public attention, the journalist aims to elevate his own viewpoint and advertise the way he looks into different matters as a precise and rectified account. The journalist is primarily looking for ways to exalt his own interpretation of stories and inculcate the reader a supposedly reliable, accurate analysis of a certain incident which is presumably "what he believes".

Thinking of methods to expand his coverage, journalist's principal purpose is to get in touch with the global audiences, instruct them on the basis of his own mindset, advocate a certain philosophy and denounce the other scopes of thought. This is actually how the journalist accomplishes his mission regardless of his ideological and reflective belongingness.

The inherent mission of a journalist is to enlighten the public opinions, help them distinguish the right from wrong and encourage the value of critical thinking. Although the journalism of 21st century has become an instrumental mechanism of disseminating falsehood, launching black propaganda and psychological warfare, the foremost responsibility of a journalist is to tell the truth even at the cost of his own defeat.

Anyway, I haven't come this long way to advocate the principles and fundamentals of journalism and sermonize about the basis of ethnic journalism; neither have I come to enumerate the responsibilities of a decent journalist and itemize his duties in respect of the public opinions. What I would like to discuss is the reasons why "they" don't publish "us". So who are these "they" and who are those "us"?

"They" are the chained, corporate media outlets whose interests are intertwined with together. "They" are the news networks, websites, magazines and journals who are afraid of the other side of story, so "they" prefer to withhold it from the public or distort it the other way.

"They" are the media outlets who are wise enough to recognize the difference between "nuclear energy" and "nuclear bomb", and that's why they use them interchangeably while translating the speeches of Iranian President.

"They" are the media outlets who are courteous and considerate enough to refer to the American President as President Obama and call the Iranian President "the hardliner".

"They" are the media outlets who feel free to run the most insulting and offensive cartoons about the Prophet of Islam whom some 1.5 billion people around the world venerate and glorify, because the "freedom of speech" allows them to do so. Interestingly, the same "freedom of speech" disallows them to publish a cartoon questioning the veracity of holocaust or an interview with a German political prisoner who has been jailed for 7 years simply due to his "visa overstay"!

"They" are the media outlets who can ridicule a 70-million nation by calling them "terrorists" collectively. "They" are the media outlets who can equalize a divine religion with radical terrorism, simply because they're free to express whatever they think by the virtue of "freedom of expression". "They" are the media networks who can invite the government opponents in a Third World country to break out into the streets, vandalize the public properties and stage a color revolution, because they have the authority and influence to do so.

"They" are those who can disregard the massacre of 1300 Palestinians as "collateral damage" and conflate the vicious carnage of Gaza with Israel's right to self-defense. "They" are those who can't ever tolerate for Israel only five minutes of the disastrous incidents which the Palestinian people are undergoing.

"They" are those who are affluent enough to finance the Arab media outlets in the Middle East to drop the name "Persian" off the term "Persian Gulf" because they know that the magnificent civilization of Iran is interweaved with the honorable history of Persian Gulf and Iranians are sensitive about this.

So, who is this "us"? It is us, who can't turn a blind eye to the atrocities of a racist regime whose existence is hinged on killing, destroying and devastating. It's us, who can't keep silent, remain indifferent and unconcernedly tolerate the offensive massacre of Palestinian people in the most brutal way. It's us who can't digest the double standards of the hegemonic superpowers. Why should the United States who has dropped hundreds of nuclear bombs on the heads of people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and seized the lives of millions of innocent people impose financial sanctions on Iran which is trying to develop nuclear energy for civilian purposes? What's the fault of millions of Iranian people who are in dire need of special types of medicine which should be imported from the European countries? It's us, who can't call these unilateral and crippling sanctions a respectful homage to the so-called virtue of human rights; if these medicines are not imported to the country, millions of "human beings" will be exposed to the risk of death; it's us who want to call the hegemonic powers to minimally respect the "human rights" which they've invented themselves.

It's "us", who don't classify people on the basis of their color, race, religion or nationality. We don't consider the black, impoverished Africans to be socially lower or less important than the sumptuous, well-off whites in the Northern Europe. We don't call the Muslims terrorist altogether simply because an irreligious, American-manufactured pawn named Osama Bin Laden carries out terrorist attacks all around the world. Who is unaware of the extensive relations between the families of George W. Bush and Osama Bin Laden? Who can demonstrate that Bin Laden is a practicing Muslim? Who can demonstrate that he says prayers during the day and takes fast in the month of Ramadan? Who can rule out the possibility that Al-Qaeda is an American-funded group which is established to portray a brutal and inhuman image of the Muslims all around the world?

It's "us", who don't reiterate the obsolete threatening sentence of "all options are on the table". Unlike President Obama and his affiliated media outlets including, among others, Fox News and Voice of America we don't threaten any country of a nuclear strike and don't stage a propaganda project against any nation to demoralize them 24 hours a day.

There are countless differences between "they" and "us" and that's why they'll never publish something which is written by "us". The other side of story has to remain obscured and unrevealed routinely. It will not be a privilege for them to discuss something which is "out of context" or out of "popular interest", so it's not that much of a surprise to receive emails, telling us that "we receive many more submissions than we can publish; thank you this time, but we may regret that…"

In their eyes, our writings always contain a hoard of grammatical slips, factual errors, contextual deviations and whatever of the writing gaffes and inaccuracies you may visualize. That's why they don't publish us.

Kourosh Ziabari

Here's your answer Kourosh...,

Nuclear Explosion Can Heal the Bleeding Wound in the Gulf of Mexico


The catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico will obviously take a special place in the history of the human civilization. Forward-looking people say that the disaster is a warning of the wrong way of the future development. Others say that it was just an accident which took place through the fault of specialists, who did not provide required conditions for safe exploitation of the oil well.

No matter how we may evaluate the catastrophe, it gives us a reason to think whether humans live and act reasonably and how we use our spiritual and physical gifts. Unfortunately, the conclusions are sad since they show our dullness and thoughtlessness.

It is clear that the measures, which are now being taken to lock the broken pipe, will not bring any result in the nearest future. The pressure of crude and gas is too high, it goes about hundreds of atmospheres. They now hope to contain the leak with the help of steel and concrete domes, but the hopes for that are tiny. It will be extremely difficult to mount the dome: the depth of the gulf is about 1.5 kilometers, and the “orifice” is small. It is impossible to find out what it looks like after the explosion. Crude is supposed to be pumped from the dome to the tanker on the surface of the gulf along a special pipe.

This is a very complicated an unreliable system. As far as I know there was no such an occurrence in the world practice of oil extraction. Therefore, anything can happen, and it is impossible to foresee everything. The oil leak will only strengthen since it is only going to accumulate underneath the dome and geological horizons.

The dome installed above the well will only give a short break in the liquidation of the disastrous consequences. What can be done next ? There are practically no variants because no one has ever done that before in such conditions.

It was only a matter of hit or miss which earlier resulted in the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, explosions in coal mines all over the world and also in the catastrophes which occur on a regular basis, but are very hard to liquidate. One may say that the American hit or miss has led to one of the most technologically complicated and horrific disasters.

It is practically impossible to block the leaking well. There are neither specific technical possibilities for that, nor any methods to liquidate such oil-well flowing.

The USSR had a sad experience in containing oil-well flowing in Central Asia. Two breakdowns occurred almost simultaneously. One of them took place in Urtabulak, where a gas torch was burning. The other one took place in Pamuk – a breakdown at an oil well. The two giant flames were extinguished with the help of nuclear explosions. They drilled two wells to approach the emergency wells under the ground and lowered nuclear devices into the wells. The troubled wells were blocked as a result of the explosions.

The work was extremely hard, but it was worth it. I took direct participation in the experiment and was personally present there during the explosions. The experiment was a success. The exploitation of the Pamuk oil well was launched again and nothing could remind of the disaster which had been liquidated with the help of nuclear explosions.

Afterwards, Soviet specialists conducted similar experiments in Turkmenia and then proceeded to worked-out deposits. The results were encouraging. Soviet specialists hoped that they could promote their technology to help other countries, the ones that signed the non-proliferation treaty but could use nuclear explosions in industrial purposes.

The US declined the program over the threat of radioactivity. As a result, the Americans offered to ban the use of nuclear explosions in peaceful purposes.

It now seems that a nuclear explosion could be the only way to contain the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. It is not ruled out that British and American specialists will find a new solution to liquidate such complicated disasters that, as it turns out, may occur to absolutely reliable platforms.

Extracting oil in oceans and seas has its pluses and minuses. It brings hydrocarbons for the chemical industry and fuel for cars – the cars that continue to conquer the human civilization. It seems that the number of cars in the world will soon be comparable to the number of people living on the planet. It is about time one should realize that cars no longer exist for people – people exist for cars. People fight for parking lots, territory for garages and get traffic jams in return. As a result, we have to pay enormous price for the comfort of movement – we sacrifice our ecology, health and the future of our children.

Oil wells drilled in oceans and seas slowly kill the planet. Thousands of kilometers of oil wells are like bleeding wounds on the surface of the planet. They result in numerous natural disasters – from earthquakes to volcano eruptions.

Oil leaks occur all the time. It will be enough to fly above any pipeline to see that. It is worthy of note that the West helps Russia build its own sea-based oil platforms. We already have several platforms near Sakhalin and will soon have more in the Caspian Sea. What if a similar disaster occurs in Russia too?

Vladimir Gubarev

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Drill Off the Gulf Coast of Florida? - Consider This

One of our activists in Florida recently sent this response to a supporter of new offshore oil drilling:

Thanks for your letter.

You mentioned the Ixtoc 1 blowout in the Gulf. That spill released over 140 million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf.

This summary explains why environmental impacts were not as great as they could have been. Location and prevailing currents made for a lucky break - there was plenty of time to prepare before the mess came near shore.

Depending on the location of a blowout in the eastern Gulf, plus winds and currents, Florida's coastlines and sea life could be damaged for a generation. See NOAA study here as to oil impacts on mangroves. The only mangrove communities in the continental U.S. are in Florida (the entire west coast of Everglades National Park) and the study explains in detail why this ecological community would be the very worst place any sized spill could happen.

See also photos of major oil spill off the Australian coast this past summer from 'state of the art' oil rig only a couple of years old.

This NOAA image of the Gulf of Mexico shows the basic Loop Current - always subject to change depending on weather conditions:

Offshore drilling in the eastern Gulf near Florida could well be a nightmare waiting to happen. Both the ecology and the economy of Florida would be hit very hard by a major spill. The risk is too great - the rewards much too small.

Finally, see this study which shows how even routine offshore oil drilling operations impact the ecosystem and sea life:

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Oy Vey! Euro On Way To Parity With Canadian Dollar! Zio Bankers Clean Up!

Euro falls to new 4-year low
By Chavon Sutton and Julianne Pepitone

NEW YORK ( -- The euro pared fragile gains Tuesday, touching a new 4-year low, amid new concerns about Europe's debt crisis.

What prices are doing: The euro plummeted 1.5% on the dollar at $1.220 on Tuesday, hitting a fresh 4-year low. The European currency had fallen to a four-year low Monday morning versus the dollar, crashing through the key technical level of $1.23 to $1.2234.

The dollar rose 1.0% versus the British pound to $1.4330. It was down 0.4% against the Japanese yen at ¥92.243.

What's moving the market: Earlier Tuesday the European Union's statistics bureau said consumer prices in the zone jumped 0.5% in April over the previous month, a 1.5% increase over April 2009. The results were in line with market expectations. Also, Greece received its first infusion of cash from the joint EU and International Monetary Fund rescue package.

Although the news helped push the euro to fragile gains earlier in the day, it did little to assuage investors and analysts.

"The acceleration of the price index is trivial," wrote Ian Shepherdson, an economist at High Frequency Economics, in a research note.

The euro plummeted in afternoon trading after Germany announced plans to ban short selling on some European banks and government bonds of debt-ladened euro zone countries. Traders saw this as an indication that the troubled nations are not yet out of the woods.

What experts are saying: Germany's announcement "powered the euro lower," said Tom Benfer, director of foreign exchange at Bank of Montreal in New York.

Germany's decision highlights the fact that fundamentals in some of the euro zone countries are really weak, said Benfer. "The authorities are trying to prevent speculators from putting more pressure on them (government debts)," he said. Shorting the bonds of troubled governments could push out borrowing prices further, exacerbating the debt crisis.

Still, some analysts have said that the market has been overly bearish, especially in the wake of Europe's efforts to stabilize the debt-laden countries and the shared currency.

"It doesn't take too much these days to push the euro lower," said Benfer.

But the bearish sentiment in the market is likely to persist as traders seek clearer signs that Europe's woes will not spread and choke off the global economic recover. This will likely push the euro lower.

"It's a moving locomotive right now," said Benfer. "It's very hard to stop because the market psychology is just so negative."

"Pills" Limbaugh, A Dominican Republic Sex Tourist?

Rush Limbaugh seems to be incapable or unwilling to comply with the law when it comes to prescription drugs. On Friday, Rush was detained by ICE officials for possessing a bottle of Viagra without a prescription. The matter was turned over to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's office. Possessing a controlled drug such as Viagra without a prescription is a violation of the law. It is amazing that Rush would not obtain a prescription for his Viagra. The Sherrif's office will file with the State's Attorney. Limabugh's plea deal might well be in jeopardy.
In spite of the fact that Rush Limbaugh dodged serving in Viet Nam due to a boil on his ass, Rush saw it fit to try to impugn the honorable Viet Nam service of John Kerry. Rush Limbaugh is a despicable demagogue. A listener managed to get onto the air and restore a bit of justice and knock the wind out of Rush's right wing smear campaign.

Oil companies such as BP Amoco and Exxon Mobil are scoring galactic profits for themselves by inflating prices and jeopardizing our economy in the process. Instead of acting on behalf of the people, Bush and the GOP power brokers enrich them even further with give aways and tax cuts. Apologists insist it is all supply demand and accounting for costs. But comparing pump price and surging profits shows a close trend. Before the hurricanes, supply of fuel has met demand. What fell short was the thirst for humongous profits... but the oil companies saw to that.

Bush talked endlessly on the campaing trail about "brining a new tone" and having the "cleanest administration". We know that idea holds about as much water as a spaghetti strainer when it comes to Bush's rhetoric. His team is no better. His most closest economic advisers regularly make misleading statements more suited to the Rush Limbaugh show. They are nothing more than mindless cheerleading at best. What they are is a blast of lies.

Don Evans : Commerce Secretary
"Consumers often lead the recovery, lead a recovery come out of recession. That’s clearly what’s been going on here."

But the very next morning, the Commerce Department, which Evans runs, released figures showing that retail spending fell. That’s right, fell by 1.2 percent. It was the biggest drop in a year.

Last year, in the wake of 9/11, Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill boldly predicted new highs in our market in the foreseeable future. Instead, the Dow tanked, going from 9600 that September to 8,500 the next month to just over 8,000 today. O’Neill also called Enron’s collapse the genius of capitalism but changed his tune to support government bail outs of Argentina and Brazil.

Lawrence Lindsey, director of the National Economic Council
"A war with Iraq would cost at least $100 billion, but would not have any serious economic consequences."

This is pure, unadulterated nonsense. The uncertainty of war along with 100 billion is bound to have substantial and negative economic consequences. This was a few weeks after Dubya Bush threatened to veto $5 billion in spending on a homeland security bill saying... "Excessive spending will serve as a drag on economic growth."

The mixed messages, lies and spin is quite characteristic of this administration. It is profoundly unfortunate that we have a media eager and willing to let them get away with it.

Rush Limbaugh sells himself as the "great truth detector". Rush Limbaugh claims to be a great patriot and claims a high degree of moral behavior. Thing of it is, Rush Limbaugh evaded serving his country and has been stoned on prescription drugs for the past 5 years. Rush Limbaugh also routinely makes innacurate statements. Rush Limbaugh has nothing to do with truth and moralism, nor is he an example of patriotic behavior. Rush Limbaugh is self-serving demagogue who will say anything to enrich himself. If Rush's fans applied even a modicum of objective reason, they would realize Limbaugh is duping them for great personal gain. MEGADITTOS!!

MORE HERE, (IF YOU CAN STAND IT!),*/http://www.rushlimbaughonlin

Political commentator, radio host, college drop-out, alleged closet homosexual, and, as recently revealed, synthetic heroin drug addict, Rush Hudson Limbaugh III is probably the best known neocon personality in American radio.

Born in Cape Girardeau, MO, in 1951, Limbaugh spent many of his formative years pursuing a career in radio.

After using his
pilonidal cyst - a congenital birth defect - to avoid military service in the Vietnam War, Limbaugh briefly worked for radio stations in Pittsburgh, PA and Kansas City, MO. Fired from both jobs, he worked as a wiener salesman for the KC Royals baseball franchise, eventually slithering back into the radio business.

In 1971 Limbaugh attended Southeastern Missouri University, where, according to reports, he had a brief but heated affair with
Elliot Sanders. So gay is Limbaugh, guarantees Sanders, that, "none of his marriages was ever consummated."

Many of Limbaugh's fans staunchly deny the man's alleged homosexuality, and Limbaugh himself says the rumors are politically motivated lies. However, one is forced to doubt Limbaugh, who has a history of denying and balking at rumors that are later revealed to be true. His pilonidal cyst, his pseudonymous career in Pittsburgh radio, and his addiction to Oxycontin are all facts which Limbaugh initially denied or concealed.

After more failed stints with Missouri radio stations Limbaugh moved to Sacramento, CA, where he met and became "friends" with Norm Woodruff, a flamboyant, openly gay man with a great deal of influence in the local radio scene. Woodruff, who mentored Limbaugh in the ways of affluence and elitism (traits Rush mocks today), would later died of AIDS.

Through his ties to Woodruff Limbaugh was given Morton Downey, Jr.'s spot on KFBK News Talk 1530 a.m. Within twelve months Limbaugh had become the most popular radio personality in Sacramento. In 1988 he signed on with EFM Media Management, working from New York City.

For a short while Limbaugh plateaued, until the success and enormous popularity of a Democratic president provided him with a reason to whine.

The popularity and charisma of President Clinton enabled Limbaugh's hate-filled show to appeal to millions of bitter American conservatives. Limbaugh's unique combination of prevarication and histrionics provided a sense of unity for otherwise incompatible demographics, such as Klansmen and Wall Street stock brokers.

For years Limbaugh fooled his audiences into
believing his whining was something much more noble.

By the mid-90's Limbaugh's promoters had co-opted his show to enough nationwide syndicates to claim Limbaugh was the "most popular radio personality" in the country. Technically this was false. However, the free handout out of Limbaugh's show to any station that wanted it resulted in Limbaugh being the most listened-to man on a.m. radio.

Inspired by Clinton-induced vitriol, Limbaugh paid a ghostwriter to author for him
See, I Told You So (1992), Nanny Nanny, Boo Boo (1993), and I'm Rubber. You're Glue. Whatever You Say Bounces off Me and Sticks to You (1994).

After miserably failing on television, Limbaugh spiraled into depression, eventually becoming addicted to pain pills prescribed to him for his pilonidal cyst (a.k.a. "Butt Boil"). For nearly eight years Limbaugh abused Hydrocodone, a synthetic, stronger version of heroin.

In effect, Limbaugh spent nearly a decade stoned off his bleeding backside, and ultimately built up his tolerance to levels requiring dozens of pills per day in order to, as Limbaugh once confided in his maid, "get my buzz on."

A textbook example of the damning effects of drug abuse, Limbaugh's addiction precipitated a swift drop in weight, deafness in both ears, and a marked decline in mental faculties. He also became increasingly paranoid - requiring his provider to meet him at night behind restaurants, next to dumpsters, where he'd hand over cigar boxes stuffed with "cabbage" (cash) in exchange for some "little baby blues" (pills). Limbaugh's desperation peaked in 2003, when he groped his provider in an attempt to check her for a wire tap.

By late 2003 the whole world knew of Limbaugh's drug addiction, though by virtue of their lack of character the majority of his fan base remained loyal listeners. Limbaugh's show remained popular, despite the rapid rise of Liberal Talk Show host
Al Franken and the dogged attempts by the Bush administration to shut down long time talk show staple Howard Stern.

In May 2004 Rush's third wife, Marta, grew tired of never having sex with her allegedly closeted homosexual of a husband, and so asked for a divorce. Limbaugh complied after his desperate wife agreed to never reveal the true nature of Rush's sexual perversion.