Friday, November 7, 2014

African Population Explosion Is Unsustainable - Malthusian Curve Resulting In Population Collapse - An Analogy

The downward spiral of "Black America" after they won their "Civil Rights" in the 50' + the 60's has devolved into a parasite culture that is totally dependent on government subsidies to survive. 

You see they are not unlike their African brethren in Ethiopia and Uganda where malaria and famine helped keep the population in check. Then the great Irish musician Sir Bob Geldof said, "We must not let the people of Ethipia die of famine! We must "Give" them food! That was in 1984..., the population there was then roughly 39 million. Today the population stands at 95 million, an increase of 56 million people in 30 years outstripping their original population base in 1984. The population is expected to increase to 210 million by 2060! Female genital mutilation is widespread and the belief that evil spirits cause disease is rampant. (Source: Wikipedia).This explosive population growth and high fertility rate mirrors other African countries where the countries themselves are unable to sustain their own populations and have become "begging bowls" reliant on "food aid" from predominantly white countries "moved" by their plight. By providing "free food" the populations of these countries are then free to reproduce in numbers never imagined before. This puts more pressure on the providers to "give" even more "free food" to the starving masses even as they reproduce in numbers never imagined and contribute nothing to solving their own problems.

Here in lies the parallel between these African begging bowls and the American Black. American Blacks have grown "accustomed" to being provided for by the predominantly white taxpayer, much as they were on the plantations of the Old South. You see, the plantation system gave blacks a place to live,food to eat and communities in which to raise their families. The deal was they were expected to work in return for being provided for. Today's blacks in America refuse to work or offer anything of value in return for being provided for.Even the most basic construct of lawful and civilized behavior is tossed out the window because American blacks will tell you, "That would be acting white!". Go figure!

So the bottom line here is we have a parasite culture that menaces and violates a civil and lawful society with unbridled criminal behavior as a way of paying back the taxpayers who pay for their medicaid, their food stamps, their section 8 vouchers, their free education and job training! Then with all the benefits bestowed upon them and having their full civil rights, they refuse to cast off the chains of dependency and be truly free. A freeman in a free society. And how do they repay the "State" for all of the benefits they receive? By populating the nations maternity ward with bastard babies and the nations prison cells with violent young black males so they can get an advance degree in crime.

This is what "Black America" has devolved into..., a criminal, parasitical underclass that could care less about you, your families or your communities. They are an infection not unlike Aids, or Ebola deadly, insidious and contagious ready to spread their disease wherever it can find a suitable host to leech off of. There will be a population collapse in Africa and in Black America as the system that supports them refuses to pour any more resources into a bottomless pit. Until then the gnashing teeth will demand more, and more..., and more.

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