Sunday, July 24, 2016

Lying, Crooked Hillary Has Seizure On Camera! Now We're Hiring Sick People to Be President? C'mon America Dump This War Witch And Vote For The Trumpmeister!

When she was Sec. State, she went to war with Libya, overthrew the Egyptian government that was take over by the Muslim brotherhood until the military ousted these Muslim religious kooks in order to maintain secular rule, she wanted to attack Syria[where more than 400,000 are dead!] with naval cruise missiles, She instigated a coup in the Ukraine where thousands are dead, she backed the Saudi’s as they went to war all the while she was taking contributions to her foundation, Afghanistan is now a hotbed of Islamic radical terror as well as Iraq! She birthed ISIS who is now committing attacks all over Europe as the biggest refugee crisis since WW2 has the continent being inundated by third world savages!

And what about role models? She lied to investigators, destroyed government property by deleting her e-mails and wiping her server clean, took millions in donations from enemies of the US and made $22 million giving 20 minute speeches to her Wall street fat cat buddies! Oh, yeah she put the security of top level government e-mails at risk by sending them over the clearnet unencrypted, and then lied about that too!

Crooked Hillary is absolutely the wrong choice to be President, she has neither the energy nor the stamina for the rigorsof the office! Don't beieve me? Well watch the videos below and decide for yourself! Trump is now our only choice and I invite you to imagine an America that will win again and be great again! It won't happen under Lying, Crooked Hillary!

Vote Trump November 8th, 2016 because your life and the lives of your family members depend upon it!

She couldn't even remember the question from the reporter and immediately changed the subject.

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