Saturday, February 6, 2010

9th Grader Assassinated by Classmate

This story goes beyond juvenile delinquency, this is a story about African American culture here in the US, where black girls have babies at 10 years old and young teen "gangstas" kill without remorse. "What would Martin Luther King Do?" Happy Black History Month!

A cold, rainy Friday ended in Madison, Alabama yesterday with one child dead and another charged with murder.
Fourteen year old student, Todd T. Brown, died at Huntsville Hospital after being shot in the back of the head at Discovery Middle School around 1:45 on Friday.
Friday's shooting happened in the middle of class change. The halls were crowded with students when the incident happened. We're told it occurred right in front of the band room. The suspected shooter was quickly subdued and taken in to custody.
Around 8:30pm, officials stated in a news conference that the suspect, believed to be another ninth grader at the school, had been arrested and charged with murder. The alleged shooter is being held in the Neaves-Davis Center for Children in Huntsville.
A community meeting is set for Sunday afternoon 2-3 PM at Bob Jones High School to respond to today's events. Counselors, school and city officials will be on hand to meet with students and parents affected by the shooting.
Madison Police Chief Larry Muncey stressed that Madison Schools are safe, and that there is no reason to believe this was anything other than an isolated incident. Chief Muncey says that his own child, as student at Discovery, will be in school on Monday morning.
There's no word yet on a possible motive for the crime, and the suspected shooter's name has not been released.
School and city officials stressed that they are "aware of Facebook and Twitter" and reminded people that there is a lot of rumor and speculation. The city will keep updates as they have them at
Meanwhile, the community prays for Todd Brown and thousands of people who never knew him mourn the shooting on Facebook.

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