Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gladiator Bowl 44 - The Landshark Colosseum, Miami

What The Saints Need To Do To Win: Super Bowl betting oddsThe Saints are going to need to run the ball, be efficient with it and score as much as possible. While their offense led the league this year in yards and points, they still had some serious hiccups against Dallas, Tampa Bay, Carolina and even the Minnesota Vikings, who held them to 31 points even with five turnovers.
The Saints receiving corps of Marques Colston, Robert Meachem, Devery Henderson and Jeremy Shockey have to be difference makers. They were quiet in the NFC Championship Game but these guys have to be a big factor for the Saints to win.
On defense, they’ll bring the house and if they can get to Peyton Manning regularly, they’ll have a great chance to win.
What The Colts Need To Do To Win: Super Bowl betting oddsThe Colts just need to play their game. So far this year, no team has beated them when they have played their starters and really, they have seen it all. They have been in shootouts with teams like the New England Patriots, NFL betting fans know they have topped the tough defensive squads like the New York Jets, they’ve topped teams that try to blitz Peyton Manning and they’ve beaten teams that try to sit back. There is nothing new that the Saints defense will throw at them that they haven’t seen so they just have to play their game and play smart.
On defense, the Colts are who they have always been. They aren’t smothering, they aren’t dominant, but they slow you down. With Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis off the edges, the Colts have the edge if this game becomes a passer’s shootout. Chances are, Freeney and Mathis will find Drew Brees eventually and drop him.
Experience: Super Bowl betting oddsThe experience factor is a big key and this is where the Colts have a big edge. We saw in the NFC Championship Game that experience is a huge factor as the Vikings and Saints were both very sloppy with the football in one of the most important games of the year.
The Super Bowl is another stage and if the Saints act like they have never been there, they are going to get blown out.
For the Colts, they have been here before. They won the Super Bowl just three years ago but for the Saints, this is the first time they have been here in franchise history. That could be a big difference.
Special Teams: Super Bowl betting oddsUndoubtedly, the special teams edge goes to the Colts. While Garrett Hartley hit the game-winning field goal to send the Saints to the Super Bowl, there is no question that he makes Saints fans nervous every time he lines up. Matt Stover has far more experience and Hartley could be a real factor in this game if nerves come to play.
Coaching: Super Bowl betting oddsOn the surface, coaching is a relatively even matchup as Jim Caldwell and Sean Payton are relatively new head coaches but Caldwell and his staff have been here before whereas the Saints have not. That again isn’t a huge factor, but it’s slight enough that the Colts gain another minor edge.
The Winner Of Super Bowl XLIV is…The Colts. They have been there before and they have the better team. All around, unless they lose the turnover battle significantly, they are going to win their second Super Bowl in four years.

What does the New Orleans Saints logo mean?
The shape of the Saints logo is a fascinating piece of history. It consists of three small extensions on bottom extending down and out, then a small dividing belt, then three much larger extensions extending up and out. The space underneath the two large outward protruding arms, including the belt and the three smaller lower arms, are a result of the space on top of the Ark of the Covenant. The cherubims wings, and the space in between their wings and the mercy seat ( the lid of the Ark), create the shape of the lower part of the insignia, with the upper portion ( the large three arms) symbolizing the radiant quality of the Ark.

More input:It's extremely hard to draw. Since it is predominately a French Catholic symbol, the name 'Saints' was fitting. The symbol is a fleur de lis, which means lilly flower. It is found everywhere in France, usually as a sign of royalty. See the Related Link below for more information.
I'm Taking The Saints With the Points - 5.5!

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