Saturday, October 15, 2016

Of Course She's On Performance Enhancing Drugs! Liberals and The Radical Left's Heads Will Explode When Trump Wins November 8th! It Will Be The Biggest Upset In US Poltical History! Trumpy Will Be Strafing Her With Nukes Over The Next Few Weeks And Will Utterly Destroy Her Candidacy! Fuck Crooked Hillary! Lock Her Up!

Wait Until Her Lezbian Double Life Is Revealed!

Her Campaign Actually Toyed With The Idea That O'bama Was A Drug Addled Muslim Drug Dealer, Which May Have Not Been Too Far From The Truth!

Trump Cares Deeply About Americans Unlike Crooked Hillary Whose Only Allegiance Is To Her Well Heeled Donors, Super PACS And Foreign Interests Who Donated Heavily To Her Foundation! 

Super Patriot And American Revolutionary Donald J Trump Plans On Seizing The Country Back From These Turncoats And Traitors Via The Ballot On November 8th! Join The Trump Revolution Won't You? It's The New American Revolution In The Spirit Of 1776! 

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