Friday, December 16, 2016

O'bama, The Lame Duck Promises To "Retaliate" Against Russia! What A Fucking Joke! What's He Going To Do? Drop Nerf Balls On Them! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!!

O'bama Sure Turned Out To Be A Real Dud!
The newest release in the Silver Shield Collection- The 7 Sins of Obama.

This 1 troy oz .999 fine Proof silver collector's coin artistically depicts the true legacy of our Noble Peace Prize Winner.

The cost, intrusion and eventual death panels of Obamacare.

The generational debts that he incurred which is more than the first 42 presidents combined.

The illegal immigration crisis that he is encouraging that leaves us exposed to terrorism, disease and lower wages.

The inhuman drone warfare used internationally and will eventually be used here at home.

The spying of the surveillance society to control everyone.

The rash of Executive Orders that will be sure to follow after the election including the legalization of illegal immigrants.

The ultimate sin of betrayal as our Nero fiddles (golfs) while the American Empire burns.

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