Tuesday, January 26, 2010

State Of The Union- The War For Your Mind And Soul

The US has become a subprime nation, with a convenience store, use once, throw it away mentality based on fucking your neighbor over so you profit, get rich quick, easy money, lottery-Vegas ethos. Instead of espousing the pithy virtues of Ben Franklin, we are in debt up to our eyeballs and looking to borrow more knowing that a bailout will never come. We pay staggering interest to the fat cat bankers, but, we don't care as long as they float us another loan to keep us solvent.

The military industrial complex begs our government for more defense contracts thereby enriching the owners and shareholders, while Congress has to borrows more money to pay for these contracts. We fight war for oil and other resources based on lies of the Bush and Obama administrations.

We were lied to by the 911 Commission as to what really transpired that day. Bush and Cheyney would only testify before the Commission if they did not have to swear under oath that the testimony they gave was true. They testified, but they lied. We went to war against Iraq because W's old man did not finish the job because of a UN mandate. W said the UN be damned and Powell and Rice knowingly lied in their testimony. These people in my opinion, are TRAITORS and War Criminals.
The conspiracy theorists will tell you the Israeli Mossad was behind the attack and they present compelling evidence to back their claims. All of the hijackers were Saudi Arabians to whom W transferred NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY to in his last year in office.

The Israeli's say that any claim implicating Israel is Anti-Semetic, and any criticism of the State of Israel is so too.!
But there are clear ties going back to Israel. Jewish, Israeli-US dual citizens and zionist have infiltrated our government at every level from the military to the State Department to all levels of the bereacracy. The Ivy league schools, the law and medical schools are predominantly made up of Jews because of their supposedly superior iq. Once entrenched in the government, they use their connections to further the State of Israel.

How is it that Israel with a population of about 7.2 million people [that 1.8 million people fewer that Haiti!], is entitled to billions in US aid while we still have people living in trailers after Katrina? We purchased their allegiance with billions in taxpayer dollars, bought their armed forces for them and even helped them gain nuclear weapons. The Jewish lobby AIPAC is the single most influential lobby in Congress .

Israeli intelligence services blackmail our politicians using any means they can. They recorded Bill Clinton's phone sex calls with Monica Lewinski, the use gay sex and pedastry, drugs, bribes and murder to keep our Congressional representatives in check. Our diplomates and executives are plied with every temptation known to man and once they become compromised they they then become the other sides property.

The Israeli's steal land from the indigenous people of Palestine, corral them in Gaza or the West Bank and destroy their olive trees, take their homes and kill them for sport. The fucking people are worse than the Nazi's! And yet they sound the drumbeat of war against Iran. Both the Jews and the Muslims are fucking religious nuts who will kill you because what is wriiten in a book! The Torah or the Koran!

Since the Bush Administration gave no reasonable, logical or intelligent explanation as to what happened on 911, I'll have to take stock in what the conspiracy theorists with their extensive research have conclude. Where was our CIA and FBI on the lead up to 911, of course these agencies have been infiltrated by the Jews and have been compromised.

Our DEA is on the take of the drug lords and drug cartels. Since we invaded Afghanistan the flow of drugs from there has only increased and billions have been made by the intelligence agencies to fund their black ops programs. What essentially happened on 911 was a Coup d'etat by unknown entities to financially cripple this country and personally enrich themselves.
Where were the US Air Force Jets on that day? They could have been onstation within minutes flying at maximum mach!? Why did the Twin Towers collapse at free fall speed and end up being vaporized in less than 14 seconds?!
Our banks are under the influence of the Jew Bankers who profit handsomely from a little entity called the Federal Reserve
Like the International Jew Bankers in Europe, the Muslim Bankers in the Middle and Far East, they will gladly lend for handsome profits even though there is an element of risk.
Our Great Military is used for the political ambitions of the power mad politicians and the behind the scenes players who pull their strings.
These politicians have been compromised and
are in full damage control mode when any of their shady background comes to light. Look at W, it was revealed, right before the 2000 election, he was arrested for drunk driving in Maine.
He hired attorney Alberto Gonzales to get him out of jury duty when he was Governor of Texas, so he did not have to reveal that arrest on the jury questionnaire under penalty of perjury.
W's Air National Guard Service was also questionable. Reportedly, he did not show up to Guard duty so he did not have to be piss tested since he was an avid cocaine user.
His relationship with Jeff Gannon, notorious gay escort was also brought into question. Rumors swirled W's wife Laura left him on a number of occasions and stayed at the Watergate Hotel while he got drunk and carried on with Jeff Gannon and Condaleeza Rice. Bush like Kim Jong II envsioned himself as the great leader.
Bush and the Republicans bankrupted this country, deployed our military unnecessarily in Iraq as he knowingly lied about the cause of action all while using 911 as a pretext for war.

Yes, we tortured, raped and killed prisoners in Iraq and Cuba and Afghanistan as well as black sites accross the world. The sadistic American prison guards liked nothing more than torturing the Muslim prisoners and ejaculating on their Korans after they raped and sodomized the blindfolded bound guests at the rendition centers. Gay Army prison guards would then smoke pot and participate in gay orgies on their off duty hours and brag about how many prisoners they tortured, raped or killed that day. These sadistic motherfuckers were in heaven!

Obama was elected because he promised so much! But Bush by the time he and Cheyney had left office they had fucked everything up so badly, that it will take multiple generations to work out of the wreckage they caused in 8 short years. Today, I tuned into Sean Hannity briefly and he ran a little sound bite of Reagan saying, "the government can spend no more than what they take in!", this is from a President who was responsible for thr first trillion dollar debt and had budget deficits of billions of dollars each year of his presidency. Then Hannity took a call from a retired deputy sheriff from Fort Lauderdale who complained to Hanitty about the unions spending big money on elections. She went on to reveal that she belonged to the union as a deputy sheriff and her son was in the boilermakers union! Hannity spieled about the "gold plated" health care plans that the unions had won through collective bargaining would not be taxed for 5 years. This is from someone who is a multimillionaire and can afford the best policy money can buy. All against the backdrop of a Supreme Court decision that ruled a corporation is a person and can use its big money to influence an election- free speech right?

Our youth has turned to guns and violence to solve their problems, following the example of Bush and Cheyney. They are fed crack, weed and ecstacy as well a crystal meth and LSD to reformat the harddrives they call brains and are reprogrammed with ganster rap videos, music and ultraviolent and sexual messages by the merchants who craft their advertising messages to manipulated these consumers to buy their products, relay to them what is cool and to have sex no matter what the consequences, AIDS or pregnancy. A premium is paid to those in the culure who drop out of high school, can't read and want to get their hustle on by staying high and fucking anything with a hole. The people who craft their advertising messages and political messages love these people because they act on impulse, on emotion and are so easily manipulated. They love to hate but cannot love. They are souless zombies, progeny spawned in lust. These masses of underclass fill our prisons and tax our social service agencies, yet continue to commit crime, fuck like rabbits and pop out kids paid for by your tax dollars.

The taxpayers want it all, they demand big government without paying big taxes. Look at the executives of the tobacco companies who in the 90's, testified before Congress that they had no idea nicotine caused cancer! It ended up with big tobacco paying a settlement that was distributed among the states. The settlement immunized them against future litigation-they got off cheap and Americans got fucked again by corporate America. The cigarettes they produce contain a multitude of poisons to keep you hooked. The states for their part have taxed the hell out of this product and raised the cost of a pack of smokes from $1.70 to over $7.00 in 1o short years. The states have resorted to legalized gambling so they can add a new revenue stream to fund their bloated budgets and pay for the patronage jobs the politicians have created.

The total casualty count from the war does not include those injured in Iraq and later died of their injuries. If it did, the true number of deaths would be well over 10,000. Legless, armless, paralyzed, brain damage veterans are nothing more than collateral damage, incidental to overall war operations. We need to bring our troops home, retrench and rebuild to prepare for the Chinese who are arming themselves at an incredible rate so they can rule the Indo-Pacific oceans of their realm.

The US Government continues to prefer spending hundreds of billions on defense while at the same time our young people are forced to take out 10's of thousands in student loans in order to get the skills and education they need to prepare for jobs that are not there or that pay 18-20k, with no bebefits, no stock, no insurance and no retirement! Corporations like Walmart exploit a desperate work force with the rationalization that they offer jobs to those who would otherwise not have one. Walmart takes out life insurance on all its' employees and when one of them kicks the bucket, Walmart is the beneficiary!
In summary, we have been fucked over by those whose greed and lust for power has no interest in the public interest. They operate in the shadows and the mainstream media refuses to expose them because of their corporate masters and pressure from the adverisers. During Vietnam and the Johnson - Nixon era, the US government repeatedly lied to the country as they waged war in Vietnam, toppled governments unfriendly to US corporate interests and expanded the American Empire. People in this country were so pissed, they took to the streets and participated in mass protests to end the war and the corruption in Washington. Fast foward 35+ years and you culd not attend a Bush rally without a ticket and protestors are confined to "free speech zones". People are now afraid to criticize the government, snitch on their neighbors and support "the State" without question because doing otherwise would be "unpatriotic".

Under Bush and Cheyney the US lost any moral authority it may have had, by lying us into a war, failing to fully investigate 911, letting the bankers exploit the borrowers with unique financial products, failed to kill or capture Bin Laden, killed over a million Iraquis, and supported the racist, apartheid state of Israel as they evicted Palestinians from their lawful homes to make room for Israeli settlers. The US stood by during "Operation Cast Lead" when Israel flew over 2,000 sorties, dropped tons of bombs including the use of phosphorus bombs and destroyed over 10,000 homes and killed hundreds of children and women in the Gaza territory.

If and when sanity is restored then bipartisan, peaceful measures will move the country foward. Until then we remain a country under siege by its' own elected government. It is our duty as citizens to out the fraudsters, the banksters and the corporate racketeers and reclaim our government from the influence of the wealthy and the corporate media and others who do not have the best interest of the public at heart and look only to enrich themselves while we taxpayers are left with such a staggering bill that within 3 years over one third of all income tax revenues will go to pay just the interest only on the national debt! Immediate direct action is required to change the Bush legacy and the so called "Bush Economic Miracle" that has destroyed our economy and left our nation trillions of dollars in debt.

I will not be suprised if another wave of political assasinations take place as did occur in the 1960's, race riots break out and the cost of oil hits $600 dollars a barrel. This does not have to occur if we can immediately change our direction and save ourselves from ourselves. Only time will tell.
For Today...,

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