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U.S. intelligence reports Miers as ‘deep-cover’ foreign operative
Date: Monday, October 17
Topic: Bush Corruption
“See how the faithful city has become a harlot! She once was full of justice; righteousness used to dwell in her—but now murderers! Your rulers are rebels, companions of thieves; they all love bribes and chase after gifts. They do not defend the cause of the fatherless; the widow’s case does not come before them. Therefore the Lord, the Lord Almighty, the Mighty One of Israel, declares: Ah, I will get relief from my foes and avenge myself on my enemies. I will turn my hand against you; I will thoroughly purge away your dross and remove all your impurities. I will restore your judges as in days of old, your counselors as at the beginning. Afterward you will be called the City of Righteousness, the Faithful City.” Isaiah 1: 21—26

U.S. intelligence reports Miers as ‘deep-cover’ foreign operativeAs White House crime families face imminent indictments, taxpayer-funded sex-capades cloud presidential futures and place U.S. at risk of foreign blackmail
by Tom Flocco
Washington—October 17, 2005—TomFlocco.com—U.S. intelligence officials close to and with knowledge of specific information regarding Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers are indicating President Bush’s high court selection is a “deep-cover espionage agent” who is “representing as many as two or possibly three foreign governments,” according to U.S. intelligence expert Thomas Heneghan.
The national security whistleblower said intelligence officials handed over the Miers file containing sensitive agency field reports to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter three days ago, adding “[Specter] knows about her activities.”Specter will preside over the Miers confirmation hearings and receipt of her file is a pro forma matter facilitating her questioning by committee members; but questions remain as to whether alleged foreign government ties gleaned by agency data-mining groups responsible for protecting U.S. national security will remain in her folder.In our recent story about the New York subway attack, Heneghan revealed that Israel is one of the foreign countries with ties to Harriet Miers; and after a broadcast of the Heneghan-Webb American/French Alliance Intelligence Hour, whistleblower Stewart Webb made an explosive allegation that “Senator Arlen Specter is a long-time Israeli Mossad operative within the United States Senate and there is evidence to prove it.”This week should be an important week in Washington as mainstream media outlets are now confirming our August 2, 2005 White House indictments report which broke over ten weeks ago at TomFlocco.com.Arlen Specter is also known as the President Kennedy assassination “single bullet conspiracy theorist” who convinced the Warren Commission that one bullet could go right, then left, then right again, then zig-zag in another direction—and later fall out of Kennedy’s body onto a cot. [It is highly recommended that readers rent or purchase the DVD movie “JFK” and just watch the last 45 minutes of the movie to understand Specter’s bizarre cover-up theory and see it exposed to the maximum extent.]Harriet Miers sent CBS News copies of George W. Bush’s documents proving he was AWOL from military service while he was in a Houston narcotics rehabilitation clinic. Thus questions can be raised as to why President Bush has nominated Miers to the Supreme Court when he knew she leaked the AWOL and cocaine evidence to CBS, according to Heneghan and Webb.Given the gravity of the matter, U.S. intelligence will be closely monitoring the Miers hearings to ascertain which senators attempt to bypass data linking the nominee to what Heneghan called “foreign governments” in their questioning process.“Americans will need to be assured that Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, the grand juries and Senate Judiciary members who will vote to confirm Miers obtain authentic and complete copies of the nominee’s intelligence file directly from agency officials,” said Webb.“This will be necessary in order to separately verify that information or evidence linking Miers to foreign governments is not redacted or removed—given the conflicts found involving the two primary players in the confirmation process,” he said.In another controversial charge backed up by sealed testimony which may ultimately attract the attention of a grand jury, Webb said “Specter played a role in brokering deals involving International Signals and Control Corporation in Scranton, Pennsylvania, regarding the transfer of missiles and theft of component parts for foreign governments, some of whom were enemies of the United States—according to Iran contra testimony classified by Congress to protect Specter.”Three presidents and a senator tied to JFK, Jr. assassination evidenceHenenghan also reported that another Fitzgerald grand jury has been convened in New Jersey to investigate information in our August 31, 2005 report regarding the alleged roles of President Clinton, Senator Hillary Clinton, Bush 41 and Bush 43 in the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr.Besides the Clinton and Bush ties to the JFK, Jr. probe, the four are also closely linked to the Miers Supreme Court confirmation process.The Division 4 operative we interviewed for the above story said his investigative team interviewed White House domestic security witnesses who overheard the John Jr. plot discussed in the oval office; but they also reported that Clinton FBI Director Louis Freeh allegedly met with Israeli Mossad agent Michael Harari after Freeh left the assassination plot meeting.The Division 4 team interviewed a maintenance worker and aircraft mechanic at John Jr.’s airport who identified Harari and another Mossad agent standing next to the Kennedy plane, while also testifying they saw former President Bush and Texas Governor George W. Bush at the same airport two days before the plane’s “mid-air explosion” which was observed by ten separate witnesses also interviewed by the team.We were told yesterday that the Kennedy family was never shown our interview with one of the Division 4 team members who wrote the final report.The document is classified until 2025 unless criminal charges and indictments are brought by Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald.Some 20 million people read the story which could also have been considered a legal proffer indicating to a grand jury and prosecutor the content of the testimony that would be given should that witness and others be subpoenaed to formally testify.We found out that no one in Washington or elsewhere showed the Kennedy family our story presenting credible evidence by a primary source we identified that John Jr. was assassinated by Israeli operatives linked to three presidents and a current senator—and the Israeli government is also allegedly linked to Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers, according to Tom Heneghan’s sources within U.S. intelligence.It is known that numerous White House and congressional staffers also read the Division 4 proffer story on this website, but it never got back to the Kennedy’s—even to Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy.It is also not yet known whether Senator Kennedy and other members of the Kennedy family will be seeking a meeting with U.S. Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald after the initial shock of the evidence and allegations settles in. But it is likely they will be following the progress of the JFK, Jr. grand jury in New Jersey.HIDDEN NEWS:Witnesses: Specter ties to missile transfers were covered upEvidence also deserving of grand jury scrutiny—given national security, foreign government and Supreme Court confirmation issues—linking Senator Arlen Specter to brokered illegal missile transfer deals to foreign governments, was submitted to Iran contra Independent Prosecutor Lawrence Walsh who was ready to indict George Herbert Walker Bush, according to Stew Webb.However, on Christmas Eve, 1992, Bush 41—then a lame-duck president—issued presidential pardons to current Fox News host and former Marine Colonel Oliver North, Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger and others involved in Iran contra operations involving drugs for weapons, securities fraud, savings and loan illegalities and the looting of the United States Treasury.After pardoning his criminal co-conspirators, former President Bush then ordered seven million pages of evidence documenting his crimes of Iran contra to be destroyed after a truck-load of Pentagon paper shredders was delivered to the White House parking lot.This, according to White House sources who witnessed the document-shredding operation and told Webb about it.“Two employees of International Signals named Jacobs and Irwin went to prison for a few years for their part in the transfer of U.S. missiles,” said Webb, adding “federal officials gave Senator Specter a pass for his involvement in the weapons for drugs operation partially run out of Pennsylvania and directly tied to Iran contra crimes covered up by Congress.”Blackmail evidence to make a grand jury blushOur conversations with working and retired intelligence agents who have come forward—but also federal whistleblowers, reveals an ongoing concern that the personal sexual behavior of top elected officials is placing them at continued risk of blackmail.Sexually compromised presidents, senators and congressmen are vulnerable to blackmail regarding their votes, nominations and policy decisions, or transferring industrial and military technology to governments which in turn sell them to our enemies with full knowledge of legislators and White House officials who took an oath to protect the national security of the United States.There are U.S. intelligence agents willing to testify before a grand jury who have witnessed controversial sex acts and adultery by our highest elected officials which would render them susceptible to blackmail by a foreign country, even those perceived as U.S. allies.Tom Heneghan revealed that there is a third individual besides Bush and Cheney advisors Karl Rove and Lewis “Scooter” Libby who was involved in leaking the name of CIA deep-cover operative Valerie Plame.The national security authority said former male prostitute “Jeff Gannon has received immunity from prosecution by U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald in exchange for spelling out the whole CIA leak case and more secrets about the Israeli Mossad and its ties to the September 11 attacks.”With the help of Rove and White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card, Gannon “passed the name of Plame to the press and infiltrated the whole White House,” said Heneghan, who has multiple sources throughout the U.S. intelligence community.Agency field reports indicate that “Gannon provided homosexual services to President Bush in the White House,” said Heneghan, validating the concerns of multiple agency officials who worry that the president’s promiscuous sexual behavior is placing America at risk of being blackmailed regarding policy decisions and nominations which would affect U.S. national security.According to White House domestic security witnesses who could presumably be subpoenaed by the Fitzgerald grand jury and who are in contact with Heneghan, “Gannon received over 200 White House residence passes which were never recorded in official White House visitor logs,” confirming a close relationship with the President.This, while “witnesses observed Gannon, Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair engaged in a sexual threesome on one occasion,” said Heneghan.It is not known whether one of the grand juries probing White House crime families will deem the risk of potential sexual blackmail of President Bush important enough to subpoena the testimony of U.S. intelligence witnesses to validate whether Mr. Bush has placed America in jeopardy regarding foreign blackmail.Large taxpayer-funded services“Foreign blackmail is no respecter of presidents, legislators, republicans or democrats. It is the aberrant behavior that places the country at risk,” said Heneghan, who said “intelligence sources are aware that U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) is infected with incurable herpes, obtained from a female paramour named ‘Susan.‘ ”And according to intelligence sources with knowledge of the details, a male former top Clinton White House official who had previously been a congressman was also involved with the same woman, and accused Clinton of passing herpes to their mutual female friend who then gave it to the former congressman—all overheard in a phone conversation laced with screams and insults.Senator Clinton is generally acknowledged by national polls as the consensus favorite candidate to receive the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination in 2008 despite credible evidence observed by witnesses willing to testify before a grand jury that she is susceptible to sexual blackmail by a foreign country.Heneghan and Webb both said numerous Secret Service agents are still not pleased that an amply-endowed male placed on the Secret Service payroll and nicknamed “Adonis” was paid a full 40-hour weekly salary for servicing Mrs. Clinton while she was First Lady during two 2-hour sessions per week for a total of four hours “work” each week over a period of several months.This, while other White House Secret Service agents were required to work a full 40 hours for the same compensation that “Adonis” received for working only four hours.The two whistleblowers said “the American people have the right to know whether current or future presidents, senators, congressmen and judges are subjecting U.S. citizens to undue risks regarding public safety, health hazards, national security and blackmail, whether by foreign operatives or corporate executives—sexual services at taxpayer expense notwithstanding.”
Miers met with senators after her nomination was announced, and in those meetings she was ill-prepared and uninformed on the law.[22] Senator Tom Coburn told her privately that she "flunked" and "[was] going to have to say something next time."[22] In mock sessions with lawyers, Miers had difficulty expressing her views and explaining basic constitutional law concepts.[23] Miers had no experience in constitutional law, and did not have extensive litigation experience; at her Texas law firm, she had been more of a manager.[24] Miers had rarely handled appeals and did not understand the complicated constitutional concepts senators asked of her.[24] To White House lawyers, Miers was "less an attorney than a law firm manager and bar association president."[25]
Early one-on-one meetings between Miers and the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee were said to have gone poorly, and the White House considered suspending them to focus on preparation for the confirmation hearings. In an unprecedented move, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter and ranking Democrat Patrick Leahy also requested that Miers re-do some of her answers to the questionnaire submitted to her by the Committee, noting that her responses were "inadequate," "insufficient," and "insulting" because she failed or refused to adequately answer various questions with acceptable accuracy or with sufficient detail.[26] Miers also privately expressed a belief in the right to privacy to the pro-choice Arlen Specter, only to later deny that she had communicated that.[27] Her answers also included an error on constitutional law where she mentioned an explicit constitutional right for proportional representation; though many court rulings have found that legislative and other districts of unequal population violate the equal protection clause, the right to proportional districts is not explicitly mentioned in the United States Constitution.[28]
After Miers failed in these private meetings, Republican senators Graham and Sam Brownback began drafting a letter asking the President's office to turn over legal memoranda and briefs Miers had written for Bush, in order to elucidate her views on political matters.[29] Brownback and Graham knew the memos were protected by executive privilege, that the White House was not required to turn them over, and that Miers could refuse to deliver the memos and then ostensibly step down on principle.[29] Miers would later use this request as part of a face-saving exit strategy for stepping down - in her letter withdrawing her nomination, she pointed to the senators' request for confidential documents as potentially damaging the executive branch's independence.[30]

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