Thursday, August 4, 2011

Punk Your Friends! They Will Love You Forever!

10. Blue screen of death screensaver.

Download a screensaver from the Microsoft website and install it on someone’s computer. This should be enough to freak out the target without actually destroying their computer. It’s a good trick, and relatively harmless.

9. Morning blizzard.

Take the hairdryer of a room mate and fill the nozzle with baby powder. Then, wait for them to use the thing and enjoy as the victim finds themselves powdered like a donut. Guess it pays to get up early, huh?

8. Money pit.

A genuine classic, just glue down some pocket change and watch as people walk buy and try to pick up the securely fastened change from the ground. The more extreme the reaction, the more amusing the joke will be. I’ve seen some people go pretty hardcore on this one.

7. Heavy metal.

Wrap friend’s stuff in tin foil all day. This may be completely insane in practice, but it’s quite amusing. Watching a roommate constantly unwrap foiled items all day really doesn’t get too old. It’s a great laugh, provided you have an abundance of aluminum foil.

6. Time flies.

By changing the clocks in a class, you can make it so a professor believes it’s later than it is, if they’re not careful. If that fails, you’ll at least succeed in pranking your fellow students.

5. The avalanche.

Fill a cabinet with boxes, bottles, plastic bags or the like, to the point of spilling out. Then, just keep your eye on the situation and watch the stuff fly out and crash down on the unsuspecting target. Reactions can range from mild shock to being completely crushed under a wall of debris.

4. Other door.

Place a “use other door” sign on a building on campus. Watch people run around, frantic because they have no idea how to get into a building, and see if they give up. Commend those with the gall to make their way inside, and laugh at those who are too foolish to see through your masterful ploy.

3. Sneak attack alarm.

Hide an alarm clock and set it for an ungodly early hour. Earplugs may be advisable so as not to disturb yourself while sleeping. Or, watch your roommate frantically search for the screaming clock. To make things possibly worse, use multiple alarm clocks hidden throughout the room set to multiple stations, and watch as your roommate has a mental breakdown to classic rock, church music and hip hop. I can’t personally think of a better way to start off the day right.

2. Misplaced.

This one takes a subtle hand, but it’s a personal favorite of mine. Re-arrange someone’s stuff in such a way that things are familiar but completely disorienting. Then, watch them freak out because they think they’re losing their mind.

1. Boom! Head shot!

Let someone know you care by posting pictures of yourself all over the intended victim’s room and cover the walls from floor to ceiling. Nothing is freakier to the unprepared than having multiple pairs of eyes staring at you after a long day of pranking, which makes this an extremely effective counter.

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